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Sculptures by Nigel Hall RA

Nigel Hall RA (born 1943) is a British sculptor.

Hall’s first tubular aluminium sculpture was made in 1970. In subsequent years he explored the ways in which tubular construction alters the viewer’s perception of space. This interest in the qualities of spatial construction was balanced by an equally strong pre-occupation with the particular sites his sculptures occupy.  His recent work has been less minimal in feel, tending towards stronger, more solid forms. 

Hall is represented in numerous public collections in the USA, Asia, Australia and Europe including the Tate Gallery, London, the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art. He has also undertaken many private and public large-scale site-specific commissions.

Amongst Hall's sculptures present at INI are "Around Maloja" (1989, pictured above) and "At First Light" (2004, gallery image #2). The gallery below also covers other work featured on temporary loan at the Institute throughout the summer of 2017.


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