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Clay Mathematics Institute

From the Clay Mathematics Institute websiteThe Clay Mathematics Institute is a Foundation dedicated to increasing and disseminating mathematical knowledge. It supports the work of leading researchers at various stages of their careers and organises conferences, workshops, and summer schools. Contemporary breakthroughs are recognized by its annual Research Award. The primary objectives and purposes of the CMI are:

  • to increase and disseminate mathematical knowledge
  • to educate mathematicians and other scientists about new discoveries in the field of mathematics
  • to encourage gifted students to pursue mathematical careers
  • to recognize extraordinary achievements and advances in mathematical research

A list of CMI Senior Scholars who have taken part in INI programmes follows below.

Phillip Griffiths Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton)

K-Theory, Algebraic Cycles and Motivic Homotopy Theory

Emmanuel Breuillard Universität Münster Non-positive Curvature, Group Actions and Cohomology 2017
Artur Avila Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada Periodic and Ergodic Spectral Problems 2015

Wendelin Werner

ETH Zürich Random Geometry 2015
Yves Benoist Université Paris-Sud Interactions between Dynamics of Group Actions and Number Theory 2014
Alex Eskin University of Chicago Interactions between Dynamics of Group Actions and Number Theory 2014
Pierre-Louis Lions Université Paris-Dauphine Stochastic Partial Differential Equations 2010
Robert Bartnik Monash University Global Problems in Mathematical Relativity 2005
University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute London Mathematical Society NM Rothschild and Sons