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Scientific Steering Committee

The Institute invites proposals for research programmes in any branch of mathematics or the mathematical sciences. The SSC usually meets twice each year to consider proposals for programmes (of 4-week, 4-month or 6-month duration) to run two or three years later. Proposals to be considered at these meetings should be submitted by 31 January or 31 July respectively. Successful proposals are usually developed in a process of discussion between the proposers and the SSC conducted through the Director, and may well be considered at more than one meeting of the SSC before selection is recommended. Proposers may submit a 'preliminary' proposal in the first instance with a view to obtaining feedback from the SSC prior to the submission of a full 'definitive' proposal.

The scientific planning and organisation of each programme are the responsibility of a team of three or four Organisers (aided in some cases by an Advisory Committee). The Organisers recommend participants in the programme, of whom up to thirty can be accommodated at any one time; they also plan short-duration workshops and conferences within the programme, to which many more participants may be invited. Each programme is allocated a budget for salary support, subsistence allowances and travel expenses.

Members of the Scientific Steering Committee usually serve a term of four years in office. The current members are:

Name Institution End of Service
Prof. Helen Byrne University of Oxford 31 December 2017
Prof. Steve Cowley Atomic Energy Authority 31 December 2016
Prof. Wolfgang Dahmen Aachen 31 December 2018
Prof. Iain Gordon University of Edinburgh 31 December 2017
Prof. Paul Glendinning University of Manchester 31 December 2019
Prof. Michael Harris Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu 31 December 2016
Prof. Valerie Isham (Chair) University College London 31 December 2017
Prof. Saul Jacka University of Warwick 31 December 2018
Prof. Marta Kwiatkowska University of Oxford 31 December 2018
Prof. Dame Frances Kirwan University of Oxford 31 December 2019
Dr Emily Shuckburgh British Antarctic Survey 31 December 2016
Prof. Simon Tavaré University of Cambridge 31 December 2019
Prof. John Toland Director, Isaac Newton Institute 30 September 2016
Prof. Cedric Villani Institut Henri Poincaré 31 December 2016

Prof. David Abrahams, Scientific Director of the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, attends by invitation. Others attend meetings of the Committee by invitation when additional specialist expertise is required.

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