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Steel Soliton Splash

18. Steel Soliton Splash

Steel soliton splash sculpture image

These sculptures were conceived and created by Wout Zweers, Valerie Zwart and Onno Bokhove as part of their work on a paper entitled Making Waves: Visualizing Fluid Flows, and were kindly donated to the Institute by the Stichting Free Flow Foundation.

To create the sculptures, a film was made of splashes in a wave channel at the University of Twente, and the individual stills were examined. Outlines from a chosen set of stills were then traced by hand before being modelled into three-dimensional pieces. In addition to these steel sculptures, models in foam, wood and perspex were also made as part of the project. It is hoped that this work will inspire future research in the areas of mathematics and fluid dynamics, as well as innovations in art and design.

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