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Correspondents' Duties

Role of Newton Institute Correspondents

What the Institute promises to do:

  • Send out via email Correspondents' Bulletins three times per year, with a range of reminders, information, updates and contact details
  • Send out full details of all programmes, workshops and other similar activities, together with contact and registration details, both by email and by post
  • Send out copies of the Institute's calls for proposals
  • Inform Correspondents of major new decisions or developments
  • Respond to queries, suggestions, comments and criticisms from Correspondents or others in their institution
  • Encourage programme organisers to arrange satellite workshops, with a contribution of £5K from the Institute
  • Maintain lists of potential travelling seminar speakers
  • Hold an annual meeting for Correspondents

What Correspondents are expected to do:

  • Act as a focus in their institution for communication between the Institute and the UK mathematical science community
  • Distribute the information provided by the Institute widely within their institution, especially to relevant departments other than mathematics
  • Ensure that members of their institution are aware of the various sources of information concerning Institute activities (e.g., web site, email lists, etc)
  • Encourage participation in Institute programmes, particularly by younger scientists, and act as a source of advice to members of their institution
  • Promote the Junior Membership scheme
  • Keep the Institute informed of any suggestions, comments or criticisms, and draw its attention to cases where there are (or appear to be) obstacles to participation in Institute programmes
  • Encourage colleagues in their institutions to consider hosting satellite workshops for appropriate Institute programmes
  • Ensure that local seminar organisers are aware of the lists maintained by the Institute
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