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The Newton Institute has its own Preprint Series where the scientific papers of the Institute are freely available.

If you are a Cambridge author and you are submitting your work in the next REF then you will need to follow the guidelines on the University of Cambridge Open Access webpages to ensure that your work meets Open Access requirements. In addition, if you are supported by EPSRC or another UK Research Council, all publications published on/after 1st May 2015 need a statement describing how to access the underlying research data. For more information on this please see the University of Cambridge Research Data Management website

Newton Institute visitors are encouraged to submit relevant papers to the INI Preprint series. All papers should have been either completed at the Institute or based on work that took place partially or wholly at the Institute. You can submit material to the preprint series after your visit has ended as long as it is based on work during your visit. Please send a PDF copy to, which will be added to the lists below.

Bound hard copies of all preprints in the series are displayed in the Institute. We would also be pleased to hear from former visitors who have since completed papers based on research carried out here.

Please acknowledge the support of the Institute in your paper using the following text:

The author(s) would like to thank the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, for support and hospitality during the programme [insert programme name] where work on this paper was undertaken. This work was supported by EPSRC grant no EP/K032208/1.

Papers published in the Series are listed by date of submission and may be downloaded as PDFs. Individual hard copies can also be obtained on request from the Institute.

Programme Authors Title Attachments
NST JF Jardine Generalised sheaf cohomology theories PDF icon ni02034.pdf
NST JF Jardine Cubical homotopy theory: a beginning PDF icon ni02030.pdf
NST VP Snaith Stark's conjecture and new Stickelberger phenomena PDF icon ni02026.pdf
FMS D Weaire; N Kern; SJ Cox Periodicity of cell pressures in periodic foams PDF icon ni02023.pdf
MTH FA Brito Singularity resolution and gravitational Chern-Simons terms PDF icon ni02017.pdf
MTH G Moore Strings in time-dependent orbifolds PDF icon ni02014.pdf
MTH G Moore T-duality, and the K-theoretic partition function of type IIA superstring theory PDF icon ni02013.pdf
MTH ND Lambert Effective supergravity for supergravity domain walls PDF icon ni02009.pdf
HDG S Kebekus; S Kovács Are rational curves determined by tangent vectors? PDF icon ni02006.pdf
MTH S Pakis M-Theory solutions with AdS factors PDF icon ni02005.pdf
HDG S Kovács Vanishing Theorems, Boundedness and Hyperbolicity over Higher Dimensional Bases PDF icon ni02004.pdf
ITS ANW Hone Tau-functions and special solutions in a coupled Painlevé system PDF icon ni02001.pdf
ITS M Manas Reductions and hodograph solutions of dispersionless KP hierarchy PDF icon ni01059.pdf
ITS DD Holm; ANW Hone A new integrable equation with peakon solutions PDF icon ni01057.pdf
ICB PK Maini A mathematical model for germinal centre kinetics and affinity maturation PDF icon ni01056.pdf
ICB PK Maini Making sense of complex phenomena in biology PDF icon ni01055.pdf
ICB HA Levine Mathematical modelling of tumour angiogenesis and the action of angiostatin as a protease inhibitor PDF icon ni01054.pdf
ITS P Winternitz Lie point symmetries and commuting flows for equations on lattices PDF icon ni01053.pdf
ITS SV Manakov On the initial-boundary value problem for soliton equations PDF icon ni01052.pdf
ICB PK Maini Pattern formation in reaction-diffusion models with nonuniform domain growth PDF icon ni01049.pdf
GTF AD Gilbert Advected fields in maps: I. Magnetic flux growth in the stretch-fold-shear map PDF icon ni01047.pdf
SFM A Ram q-rook monoid algebras, Hecke algebras, and Schur-Weyl duality PDF icon ni01044.pdf
NPD JF Rodrigues Reaction-diffusion: From systems to nonlocal equations in a class of free boundary problems PDF icon ni01043.pdf
SFM A Björner Geometrically constructed bases for homology of partition lattices of types A, B and D PDF icon ni01040.pdf
FMS Richard Templer, FRSC Dynamics of Structural Transformations between Lamellar and Inverse Bicontinuous Cubic Lyotropic Phases PDF icon ni02061.pdf
FMS Richard Templer, FRSC Kinetics and mechanism of the interconversion of inverse bicontinuous cubic mesophases PDF icon ni02060.pdf
HDG E Gasparim Two applications of instanton numbers PDF icon ni02021.pdf
SFM BE Sagan Symmetric functions in noncommutative variables PDF icon ni03033.pdf
NPD VA Galaktionov On higher-order viscosity approximations of one-dimensional conservation laws PDF icon ni03032.pdf
SFM P Hanlon On the property M conjecture for the Heisenberg Lie algebra PDF icon ni01039.pdf
NPD Y Du On a free boundary problem arising from population biology PDF icon ni01038.pdf
SFM A Ram Affine braids, Markov traces and the category 0 PDF icon ni01032.pdf
SFM CF Dunkl Dunkl operators for complex reflection groups PDF icon ni01031.pdf
SFM A Ram Representations of graded Hecke algebras PDF icon ni01026.pdf
NPD H-D Cao; G Tian; X Zhu Kähler-Ricci solitons on compact manifolds with $c_1({\it M}) > 0$ PDF icon ni01021.pdf
SFM A Ram Classification of graded Hecke algebras for complex reflection groups PDF icon ni01011.pdf
NPD OC Schnürer Neumann and second boundary value problems for Hessian and Gauss curvature flows PDF icon ni01009.pdf
GTF AD Gilbert Magnetic helicity in fast dynamos PDF icon ni01006.pdf
NPD X Ma Christoffel-Minkowski problem I: Hessian equations on $S^n$ PDF icon ni01004.pdf
SGT S Janeczko Generic Geometry of Symplectic Relations PDF icon ni01001.pdf
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