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The Newton Institute has its own Preprint Series where the scientific papers of the Institute are freely available.

If you are a Cambridge author and you are submitting your work in the next REF then you will need to follow the guidelines on the University of Cambridge Open Access webpages to ensure that your work meets Open Access requirements. In addition, if you are supported by EPSRC or another UK Research Council, all publications published on/after 1st May 2015 need a statement describing how to access the underlying research data. For more information on this please see the University of Cambridge Research Data Management website

Newton Institute visitors are encouraged to submit relevant papers to the INI Preprint series. All papers should have been either completed at the Institute or based on work that took place partially or wholly at the Institute. You can submit material to the preprint series after your visit has ended as long as it is based on work during your visit. Please send a PDF copy to, which will be added to the lists below.

Bound hard copies of all preprints in the series are displayed in the Institute. We would also be pleased to hear from former visitors who have since completed papers based on research carried out here.

Please acknowledge the support of the Institute in your paper using the following text:

The author(s) would like to thank the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, for support and hospitality during the programme [insert programme name] where work on this paper was undertaken. This work was supported by EPSRC grant no EP/K032208/1.

Papers published in the Series are listed by date of submission and may be downloaded as PDFs. Individual hard copies can also be obtained on request from the Institute.

Programme Authors Title Attachments
FRB CM Elliott; T Ranner A computational approach to an optimal partition problem on surfaces PDF icon ni14064.pdf
QCE OG Smolyanov Quantum control via Wigner measures and Wigner functions PDF icon ni14063.pdf
POP R Hemmecke; J Lee Augmentation algorithms for linear and integer linear programming PDF icon ni14060.pdf
HIF David Aspero; Asaf Karagila Dependent choice, properness, and generic absoluteness PDF icon ni15106.pdf
CGP Hans Fritz On algorithms with good mesh properties for problems with moving boundaries based on the Harmonic Map Heat Flow and the DeTurck trick PDF icon ni15085.pdf
CGP Toshio Sekimura A model for selection of eyespots on butterfly wings PDF icon ni15070.pdf
CGP Christian Schmeiser Decay to equilibrium of the filament end density along the leading edge of the lamellipodium PDF icon ni15068.pdf
CGP Christian Schmeiser Numerical treatment of the filament based lamellipodium model (FBLM) PDF icon ni15067.pdf
CGP Bjorn Stinner Curve shortening flow coupled to lateral diffusion PDF icon ni15055.pdf
CGP Raquel Barreira Stability analysis of reaction-diffusion models on evolving domains: the effects of cross-diffusion PDF icon ni15050.pdf
MFE S Wang On solar neutrino problem PDF icon ni14058.pdf
MFE S Wang Field theory for multi-particle system PDF icon ni14057.pdf
GDO B Enriquez Homology of depth-graded motivic Lie algebras and koszulity PDF icon ni14056.pdf
FRB CM Elliott Time-periodic solutions of advection-diffusion equations on moving hypersurfaces PDF icon ni14053.pdf
FRB G Canevari Morse's index formula in VMO for compact manifolds with boundary PDF icon ni14052.pdf
FRB W Strauss; E Varvaruca Global bifurcation of steady gravity water waves with critical layers PDF icon ni14051.pdf
FRB M Malin Competition phenomena for difference equations with oscillatory nonlinearities PDF icon ni14050.pdf
FRB K Yeressian On generalized solutions of axisymmetric two-phase incompressible viscous flow with surface tension PDF icon ni14049.pdf
FRB C Bandle; A Wagner Two Robin boundary value problems with opposite sign PDF icon ni14047.pdf
MFE D Ruelle Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of turbulence PDF icon ni14046.pdf
FRB K Yeressian Nondegeneracy in the obstacle problem with a degenerate force term PDF icon ni14045.pdf
FRB M Sebaoui The Tikhonov regularization for equilibrium problems and applications to quasi-hemivariational inequalities PDF icon ni14044.pdf
NPA LO Müller Enhanced global mathematical model for studying cerebral venous blood flow PDF icon ni14041.pdf
FRB B Kawohl More on the potential for the farthest-point distance function PDF icon ni14040.pdf
GDO I Moerdijk On the equivalence between Lurie's model and the dendroidal model for infinity-operads PDF icon ni14039.pdf
FRB P Colli On a Cahn-Hilliard type phase field system related to tumor growth PDF icon ni14038.pdf
FRB SW Walker The saddle-point formulation and finite element method for the Stefan problem with surface tension PDF icon ni14035.pdf
MFE F Ragone; V Lucarini; F Lunkeit A new framework for climate sensitivity and prediction PDF icon ni14034.pdf
FRB A Alphonse; CM Elliott; B Stinner An abstract framework for parabolic PDEs on evolving spaces PDF icon ni14033.pdf
FRB CM Elliott; C Venkataraman Error analysis for an ALE evolving surface finite element method PDF icon ni14032.pdf
FRB JF Rodrigues On the mathematical analysis of thick fluids PDF icon ni14031.pdf
FRB C Bandle; A Wagner Isoperimetric inequalities for the principal eigenvalue of a membrane and the energy of problems with Robin boundary conditions PDF icon ni14029.pdf
FRB D Stan Transformations of self-similar solutions for porous medium equations of fractional type PDF icon ni14027.pdf
MFE E Chernyavskaya A statistical model for variability of the Arctic Ocean surface layer salinity PDF icon ni14025.pdf
FRB N N Uraltseva On regularity properties of solutions to hysteresis-type problems PDF icon ni14023.pdf
MQI S Bäuml; A Winter Limitations on quantum key repeaters PDF icon ni14022.pdf
FRB B Velichkov Optimization problems involving the first Dirichlet eigenvalue and the torsional rigidity PDF icon ni14021.pdf
ICP JR Lloyd; D Duvenaud; Z Ghahramani Automatic construction and natural-language description of nonparametric regression models PDF icon ni14020.pdf
MFE R Aimino; H Hu Polynomial loss of memory for maps of the interval with a neutral fixed point PDF icon ni14019.pdf
FRB M Chipot; T Savitska Nonlocal $\it p$-laplace equations depending on the $\it L^p$ norm of the gradient PDF icon ni14017.pdf
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