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Arithmetic Geometry

8th January 1998 to 3rd July 1998

Organisers: J-L Colliot-Thélène (Orsay); J Nekovár (Cambridge); C Soulé (IHES)

Programme Theme

The origin of this subject was the study of solutions of Diophantine Equations - that is the the search for integer or rational solutions of systems of polynomial equations - using geometric methods. Today, Arithmetic Geometry has expanded to cover a wide range of topics central to Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry and other branches of pure mathematics. The programme will highlight several areas of this vast subject, including: arithmetic of algebraic cycles, motivic cohomology, rational points on algebraic varieties, Arakelov theory, and regulators and special values of L-functions.

As a part of the European Commission's Training and Mobility of Researchers programme, a three-month post-doctoral position is offered for research work related to the programme.

Final Scientific Report: 
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