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Workshops and Other Events

Code Title Dates
LAAW01 Finite and Algorithmic Model Theory Satellite
9th January 2006 to 13th January 2006
LAAW02 Logic and Databases Workshop
27th February 2006 to 3rd March 2006
LAAW03 Mathematics of Constraint Satisfaction: Logic, Algebra and Graph Theory Satellite
20th March 2006 to 24th March 2006
LAAW04 New Directions in Proof Complexity Workshop
10th April 2006 to 13th April 2006
LAAW05 Constraints and Verification Workshop
8th May 2006 to 12th May 2006
LAAW06 Games and Verification Workshop
3rd July 2006 to 7th July 2006
LAAW07 Logic and Algorithms Satellite
21st July 2008 to 25th July 2008
University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute London Mathematical Society NM Rothschild and Sons