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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers.

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Authors Title Attachments
D Grieser Spectra of graph neighborhoods and scattering ni09010.pdf
D Grieser Thin tubes in mathematical physics, global analysis and spectral geometry ni09009.pdf
D Grieser Monotone unitary families ni09008.pdf
MJ Gruber; DH Lenz; I Veselić Uniform existence of the integrated density of states for combinatorial and metric graphs over ${\mathbb Z}^d$ ni08009.pdf
MJ Gruber; M Helm; I Veselić Optimal Wegner estimates for random Schrödinger operators on metric graphs ni08007.pdf
R Sims; G Stolz Eigenvalue correlations in continuum one-dimensional Anderson models ni07100.pdf
MD Horton; HM Stark; AA Terras Zeta functions of weighted graphs and covering graphs ni07064.pdf
J Brüning; B Pavlov On calculation of Kirchhoff coefficients for Helmholtz resonator ni07060.pdf
JM Harrison; U Smilansky; B Winn Quantum graphs where back-scattering is prohibited ni07059.pdf
SA Fulling; P Kuchment; JH Wilson Index theorems for quantum graphs ni07058.pdf
J Baker; M Loss; G Stolz Minimizing the ground state energy of an electron in a randomly deformed lattice ni07057.pdf
MJ Gruber; I Veselić The modulus of continuity of Wegner estimates for random Schrödinger operators on metric graphs ni07056.pdf
T Antunović; I Veselić Sharpness of the phase transition and exponential decay of the subcritical cluster size ni07048.pdf
JH Wilson Vacuum energy in quantum graphs ni07047.pdf
M Aizenman; F Germinet; A Klein; S Warzel On Bernoulli decompositions for random variables, concentration bounds, and spectral localization ni07043.pdf
T Sunada Crystals that nature might miss creating ni07042.pdf
B Steinhurst; A Teplyaev; et al Vibration modes of 3n-gaskets and other fractals ni07041.pdf
T Antunović; I Veselić Equality of Lifshitz and Van Hove exponents on amenable Cayley graphs ni07039.pdf
A Karasik; U Smilansky 3D scanning technology as a standard archaeological tool for pottery analysis: practice and theory ni07038.pdf
L Friedlander; M Solomyak On the spectrum of the Dirichlet Laplacian in a narrow strip ni07036.pdf
U Smilansky Quantum chaos on discrete graphs ni07034.pdf
C Bennewitz; BM Brown; R Weikard Inverse spectral and scattering theory for the half-line left definite Sturm-Liouville problem ni07030.pdf
IA Semenikhin; BS Pavlov; VI Ryzhii Plasma waves in two-dimensional electron channels: propagation and trapped modes ni07028.pdf
L Petrova; B Pavlov The problem of fitting of the zero-range model of the tectonic plate under a localized boundary stress ni07027.pdf
J von Below An index theory for uniformly locally finite graphs ni07025.pdf
SA Fulling; L Kaplan; JH Wilson Vacuum energy and repulsive Casimir forces in quantum star graphs ni07023.pdf
S Avdonin; P Kurasov Inverse problems for quantum trees ni07022.pdf
P Kuchment; L Kunyansky Mathematics of thermoacoustic and photoacoustic tomography ni07021.pdf
MJ Gruber; DH Lenz; I Veselić Uniform existence of the integrated density of states for random Schrödinger operators on metric graphs over ${\mathbb Z}^d$ ni07020.pdf
SN Oshepkova; OM Penkin The maximum principle for elliptic inequalities on stratified sets ni07019.pdf
T Antunović; I Veselić Spectral asymptotics of percolation Hamiltonians on amenable Cayley graphs ni07018.dvi
M Helm; I Veselić A linear Wegner estimate for alloy type Schrödinger operators on metric graphs ni07017.dvi
A Adamyan; B Pavlov; A Yafyasov Modified Krein formula and analytic perturbation procedure for scattering on arbitrary junction ni07016.pdf
J Harrison; P Kuchment; A Sobolev; et al On occurrence of spectral edges for periodic operators inside the Brillouin zone ni07006.pdf
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