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Anaylsis on Graphs and Other Discrete Structures

10th January 2007 to 15th January 2007

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LMS/EPSRC Short Course in conjunction with  the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge

Organiser: Professor B.M. Brown

Course held at Gregynog Hall, University of Wales

The course will provide an introduction to the topics listed below

The course lecturers are:

  • Professor T. Sunada (Meiji, Japan) - Spectral geometry of discrete Laplacians
  • Professors P. Kuchment (Texas A & M, USA) and P. Exner (Prague, Czech Republic) - Quantum graphs and their applications
  • Professor A. Teplyaev (Connecticut, USA) - Analysis on fractals

Two guest lectures will be given by:

  • Professor U. Smilansky (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel) - Spectral statistics
  • Professor A. Valette (institut de mathématiques, Switzerland) - Ramanujan Graphs

The course is intended both as an introduction to the above topics focused on  research students in mathematics and the physical sciences, and as a set of introductory lectures to the six month programme  “Analysis on Graphs and its Applications'' to be held in 2007 at the Isaac Newton Institute Cambridge. Postdocs and young scientists are welcome to attend.

The registration fee to attend is £100. The accommodation costs for all UK-based research students are covered by EPSRC. Participants must pay their own travel costs.  EPSRC-supported students can expect that their registration fees and travel costs will be met by their departments from the EPSRC Doctoral Training Account.  Postdocs and non-UK students will be required to pay their own subsistence costs and the registration fee (£420 in total). There may be some funds available to help with the costs of those required to pay the full amount – further information will be available after the deadline for applications.

Gregynog Hall is equipped with internet access and the facilities for laptop connections.

Registration commences at 16:00 on Wed 10th Jan, 2007. Information about Gregynog Hall, together with travel information can be found on the .

Application forms may be obtained from Isabelle Robinson, Administrative Officer, London Mathematical Society (email: robinson[at][dot]uk) or an online form the LMS website.

Numbers will be limited and those interested are advised to make an early application. The closing date for applications is Friday 11 November 2006. All applicants will be contacted by the London Mathematical Society approximately one week after this deadline; we will not be able to give information about individual applications before then. Please do not send any money until we ask.

Time Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Mon
8:00-9:00   Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
9:00-10:00   T Sunada T Sunada P Kuchment
P Exner
P Exner P Exner
10:00-11:00   T Sunada P Kuchment A Valette T Sunada T Sunada
11:00-11:30   Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
11:30-12:30   A Teplyaev A Teplyaev A Valette U Smilansky Feedback
13:00-14:00   Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:00-16:00   Examples Examples Excursion Examples  
16:00-16:30 Reg. Tea Tea   Tea  
16:30-17:30 Reg. P Kuchment A Teplyaev      
19:00-20:00 Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Conf.
20:00-21:00 Opening
21:00-22:00     Wine



Abdul-Aziz Ahmed Al Humaidi
Petr Ambroz
Ram Band
Malcolm Brown
David Croydon
Femke Douma
Michael Eastham
Pavel Exner
Holger Flechsig
Nikolaos Fountoulakis
Lee Gibson
Anders Hansson
Jon Harrison
Birgit Hein
Hyunsuk Kang
Panos Karageorge
Peter Kuchment
Matthias Langer
Rodrigo Megaides-Alonso
Idan Oren
Norbet Peyerimhoff
Fabien Piotet
Melanie Pivarski
V Pivovarchik
Olaf Post
Matthew Pugh
Kieran Robert
Uzi Smilansky
Toashi Sunada
Jeffrey Seldon
Zoran Sunik
Alex Teplyaev
Alain Valettes
Justin Wilson
Brian Winn
Ian Wood
Taoyang Wu


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