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Algebraic Lie Structures with Origins in Physics

23rd March 2009 to 27th March 2009

Organisers: P Etingof (MIT), A Kleshchev (University of Oregon), M Nazarov (University of York) and A Premet (University of Manchester).

Workshop Theme

This conference will bring together mathematicians and mathematical physicists working in such (overlapping) areas as W-algebras, Yangians, vertex algebras, characteristic p, Lie theory, conformal algebras, chiral algebras, quantum groups, Hecke algebras, Cherednik algebras, infinite dimensional Lie algebras, as well as related representation theory, geometry, combinatorics, and applications. We believe the meeting will provide rare and very important opportunities, especially for young researchers. It will bring together people working in different areas of Lie theory, mathematical physics, and representation theory.

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