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EC Summer School: Multifractals - Mathematics and Applications

4th January 1999 to 8th January 1999

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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Mathematics and Applications of Fractals

January - April 1999

Organisers: RC Ball (Cambridge), KJ Falconer (St Andrews)

EC Summer School

Multifractals - Mathematics and Applications

4 - 8 January 1999

Monday 4 January

09.00-09.40 Registration

09.40-09.50 Welcome by Professor Keith Moffatt, Director at Isaac Newton Institute

09.50-10.45 B Mandelbrot (Yale/IBM)

10.45-11.15 Coffee

11.15-12.10 S Jaffard (Paris)
Wavelet methods for the study of multifractals functions

12.30-14.15 Lunch

14.15-14.55 C Tricot (Clermont II)
A weak multifractal formalism

15.00-15.20 E Vrscay (Waterloo)
Fractal-wavelet transforms and their connections to IFSs and wavelet analysis

15.25-15.45 P Abry (Lyon)
The use of wavelet transforms to analyse cascade phenomena and multifractal processes

15.50-16.15 Tea

16.15-16.35 B Jouault (Dresden)
Wavelet correlations and multiplier phenomenology in multiplicative cascade processes

16.40-17.00 M Alava (Helsinki)
Statistics of 2D random field Ising domain walls

17.05-17.25 O Biham (Jerusalem)
Scaling range and cutoffs in empirical fractals: models and predictions

17.30-18.45 Wine Reception

19.00 Dinner

Tuesday 5 January

09.00-09.55 J Levy-Vehel (INRIA)
Applications of multifractals in signal processing

10.00-10.40 R Riedi (Rice)
Multifractal processes

10.45-11.15 Coffee

11.15-12.10 I Procaccia (Weizmann Inst)
Conformal theory and thermodynamic formalism for the multifractal properties of Diffusion Limited Aggregates

12.30-14.15 Lunch

14.15-15.10 TC Halsey (Exxon)
DLA as branched growth

Seminar Room 1:

15.10-15.30 D Heffernan (Maynooth)
Left-sided multifractality

15.35-15.55 W Hanan (Maynooth)
Left-sided multifractality


16.25-16.45 J Gough (Maynooth)
Entropic description of multifractal spectra arising from large deviation analysis

16.50-17.10 B Davidovitch (Weizmann Inst)
DLA as a process of iterated conformal maps: statistical properties of the harmonic measure and temporal correlations

17.15-17.35 G Entin (Novosibirsk)
Scale invariance in percolation theory and fractals

17.40-18.00 S Watt (Sydney)
Growth and form in the zero noise limit

Seminar Room 2

15.10-15.30 B Lammering (St Andrews)
Multifractals on generalised Sierpinski triangles

15.35-15.55 A Lorent (UCL)
Rectitiability results in l3¥

16.00-16.25 Tea

16.25-16.45 S El Ghandour (Casablanca)
Un alogorithme efficase de determination de l'enveloppe convexe d'une forme geometrique ou un ensemble de points dans le plan

16.50-17.10 V Shlyk (Belarus)
Subadditive functions or some finite sets and related polyhedra

17.15-17.35 MA Rodríguez de Cara (Madrid)
'El Farol' bar model: complexity of complicity in complicated systems

17.40-17.35 A Kovalchuk (Chernivtsy)
Diffraction on asymmetric fractal structures


19.00 Dinner

Wednesday 6 January

09.00-09.55 L Olsen (St Andrews)
Multifractal geometry

10.00-10.40 J Peyriere (Orsay)

10.45-11.15 Coffee

11.15-12.10 B Duplantier (Scalay/Institute H Poincaré)
Exact multifractal spectrum of the harmonic measure on polymers or percolation clusters in two dimensions

12.30 Lunch

Free Afternoon

19.00 Dinner

Thursday 7 January

09.00-09.55 SJ Taylor (Sussex)
Geometric conditions which invalidate the usual multifractal formalism

10.00-10.40 K Hopcraft, E Jakeman, R Tanner (Nottingham)
Multifractal behaviour from Lévy flights with fluctuating step numbers

10.45-11.15 Coffee

11.15-12.10 R Mauldin (North Texas)
Multifractal analysis for IFSs consisting of infinitely many conformal maps

12.30-14.15 Lunch

14.15-14.55 K Falconer (St Andrews)
 Self-affine multifractal measures


Seminar Room 1

15.00-15.20 N-R Shieh (Taiwan)
Some dimension spectrum concerning the weak non-typical branching behaviour on Galton-Watson trees

15.25-15.45 J Barral (Orsay)
 Statistically self-similar multifractal measures

15.50-16.15 Tea

16.15-16.35 J Cole (St Andrews)
 Relative multifractal analysis

16.40-17.00 M Kesseboehmer (Göttingen/St Andrews)
 Medium and large deviation asymptotics for multifractal measures

17.05-17.25 J-M Rey (Madrid)
 Dimensions and measures in time series analysis

17.30-17.50 J Gutiérrez (Cantabria)
 Analysis of symbolic sequences using IFS and multifractal analysis


Seminar Room 2

15.00-15.20 J Lopez (Imperial)
 Are fracture cracks really self-affine surfaces?

15.25-15.45 T Mulholland (Glasgow Caledonian)
 Fouling resistence of random fractal media

15.50-16.15 Tea

16.15-16.35 F Labini (Geneve)
 Scale invariance of galaxy clustering

16.40-17.00 J Diego (Santander)
 Fractals and the cosmic microwave background

17.05-17.25 C Martins (Cambridge)
 The fractal properties of cosmic string networks

17.30-17.50 D Battogtokh (Kyoto)
Multiaffine chemical turbulence


19.00 Conference Dinner at Corpus Christi College

Friday 8 January
09.00-09.55 R Ball (Warwick)
 How do multifractal measures grow?

10.00-10.40 B Mandelbrot (Yale/IBM)
 Multifractal functions and fractals and scaling in finance

10.45-11.15 Coffee

11.15-12.10 M Hastings (Princeton)
Renormalisation of DLA

12.30-14.00 Lunch

14.00-14.40 N Patzschke (Jena)
 Self-similar random thermodynamics

14.45-15.05 K Simon (Miskolc/Amsterdam)
Connection between the exeptional set for fractals with overlaps and multifractal analysis

15.10-15.45 Tea

19.00 Dinner

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