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Participants (BNR)

E.g., 2018-04-24
E.g., 2018-04-24
Name Home Institution Visit Dates
Cedric Archambeau  University College London 6 August to 10 August
Katerina Aristodemou  Brunel University 6 August to 10 August
Elja Arjas    University of Helsinki 30 July to 9 August
Sanjib Basu  [Northern Illinois University] 6 August to 10 August
Natalia Bochkina  University of Edinburgh 6 August to 10 August
Francois Caron  University of British Columbia 6 August to 10 August
Annalisa Cerquetti  [Universita' Bocconi] 6 August to 10 August
Taeryon Choi  University of Maryland 6 August to 10 August
Damien Coyle  University of Ulster 6 August to 10 August
Pierpaolo De Blasi    [University of Turin] 4 August to 24 August
Maria De Iorio  [Imperial College] 30 July to 10 August
Petros Dellaportas    Athens University of Economics and Business 6 August to 10 August
David Dunson    Duke University 3 August to 23 August
Stefano Favaro  [Universita "L. Bocconi"] 5 August to 24 August
Subhashis Ghoshal    North Carolina State University 2 August to 24 August
Peter Green    University of Bristol 30 July to 24 August
Jim Griffin  University of Warwick 30 July to 17 August
Alessandra Guglielmi [Milan Polytechnic] 5 August to 11 August
Eduardo Arturo Gutierrez-Pena    [IIMAS, UNAM] 6 August to 10 August
Nils Hjort  University of Oslo 30 July to 24 August
Peter David Hoff    [University of Washington-Seattle] 12 August to 25 August
Chris Holmes    University of Oxford 30 July to 24 August
Leanna House Durham University 6 August to 10 August
Lancelot James  Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 5 August to 12 August
Alejandro Jara  [Catholic University of Leuven] 6 August to 17 August
Wes Johnson  [University of California at Irvine] 5 August to 11 August
George Karabatsos    University of Illinois at Chicago 5 August to 11 August
Yongdai Kim  Seoul National University 31 July to 17 August
Robert Kohn  University of New South Wales 3 August to 12 August
George Kokolakis  National Technical University of Athens 6 August to 10 August
Michalis Kolossiatis  University of Warwick 6 August to 10 August
Prakash Laud  Medical College of Wisconsin 5 August to 11 August
Jaeyong Lee  [Seoul National Laboratory] 5 August to 11 August
Antonio Lijoi    [Universita' degli Studi di Pavia] 30 July to 16 August
Steven MacEachern  Ohio State University 31 July to 24 August
Andrea Martinelli [Universita' dell'Insubria - sede di Como] 5 August to 24 August
Juan-Carlos Martinez-Ovando  University of Kent 6 August to 10 August
Ramses Mena    [IIMAS, UNAM] 30 July to 11 August
Peter Mueller    [University of Texas] 30 July to 24 August
Bhramar Mukherjee    University of Michigan 6 August to 10 August
Luis Enrique Nieto-Barajas    [ITAM] 5 August to 11 August
Omiros Papaspiliopoulos    University of Warwick 31 July to 7 August
Sonia Petrone  Università Bocconi 5 August to 11 August
Elmira Popova    [The University of Texas at Austin] 5 August to 11 August
Igor Pruenster    [University of Turin] 30 July to 24 August
Fernando Andres Quintana    Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile 30 July to 24 August
Gary Rosner  [The University of Texas] 6 August to 10 August
Matteo Ruggiero Università degli Studi di Torino 6 August to 10 August
Bruno Scarpa  [Universita di Padova] 5 August to 11 August
Anna Simoni  [Université de Toulouse 1] 6 August to 10 August
Dario Spano  University of Oxford 5 August to 11 August
Mark Steel    University of Warwick 5 August to 11 August
David Alan Stephens    McGill University 6 August to 12 August
Yee Whye Teh  University College London 6 August to 10 August
Surya Tapas Tokdar Carnegie Mellon University 6 August to 10 August
Stephen Walker  University of Kent 30 July to 24 August
Chris Williams    University of Edinburgh 30 July to 10 August
Christopher Yau  [Henry Wellcome Centre for Gene Function] 6 August to 10 August
Guosheng Yin  [The University of Texas] 6 August to 10 August
Keming Yu  Brunel University 6 August to 10 August
University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute London Mathematical Society NM Rothschild and Sons