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Decoherence, transition from quantum to classical

4th July 1999 to 24th July 1999

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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Complexity, Computation and the Physics of Information

May to August 1999

Organisers: A Albrecht (UC Davis), Peter Knight (Imperial), RM Solovay (Berkeley), W Zurek (LANL)

A Newton Institute Workshop


5 - 23 July 1999

Organisers: A Albrecht (UC Davis), R Jozsa (Plymouth), P Knight (Imperial College, London),
R Solovay (Berkeley), W Zurek (LANL)




Photo of Week1 Participants

Photo of Week2 Participants

Photo of Week3 Participants

The recent synthesis of fundamental concepts from physics, computer science and information science has led to a wide variety of exciting cross-disciplinary developments. These include new efficient modes of computation and communication exploiting quantum phenomena and insights into the nature of complexity and information in the physical world. This workshop will bring together members of all the relevant scientific communities to consider and report on these developments. The workshop will be organised around three themes:

Theme 1: Decoherence, transition from quantum to classical.

Theme 2: Quantum information theory and experiment, entanglement properties and manipulations, quantum communication channels.

Theme 3: Quantum computation and algorithms, computational complexity, error correction, algorithmic information.

Broadly speaking the three themes will be timetabled in the three respective weeks. However it is expected that theme 2 will spread to some extent into all three weeks and themes 1 and 3 will each partly spread into the second week. 

Speakers include: A Albrecht, C Bennett, G Brassard, C Caves, R Cleve, T Cover*, L Davidovitch, D DiVincenzo, A Ekert, N Gisin, L Grover, S Haroche, J Hartle, A Holevo, M Horodecki, P Horodecki, R Horodecki, R Hughes, R Jozsa, C Kiefer, P Knight, R Laflamme, S Lloyd, J Paz, A Peres, R Penrose, M Plenio, S Popescu, R Schack, B Schumacher, R Solovay, A Steane, W Unruh, U Vazirani*, W Wootters, A Zeilinger*, W Zurek (* indicates - to be confirmed)

Applications: The workshop will take place at New Hall, Cambridge. Accommodation can be provided at New Hall College, Cambridge for a cost of £390 for one week (6 nights), £845 for any two weeks (13 nights) or £1300 for three weeks (20 nights). This costs covers bed, breakfast and evening meals at New Hall, lunch at Wolfson Court and refreshments during the days that the lectures take place.

Applications may be made to attend any desired part of the three week period. In addition to invited talks, there will be a programme of contributed talks (determined by the organisers) and contributed posters.

The second week of the workshop will be held jointly with a meeting of the European ESF network titled Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Computation, co-ordinated by J. Cirac, A. Ekert and M. Plenio. Please direct any questions about the ESF programme to Martin Plenio.

** Closing Date for the receipt of applications is 8 May 1999 **

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