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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers.

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JM Stauber; SK Wilson; BR Duffy; K Sefiane On the lifetimes of evaporating droplets ni14003.pdf
D Pritchard; BR Duffy; SK Wilson Shallow flows of generalised Newtonian fluids on an inclined plane ni13053.pdf
G Grün On convergent schemes for diffuse interface models for two-phase flow of incompressible fluids with general mass densities ni13045.pdf
BR Duffy; D Pritchard; SK Wilson The shear-driven Rayleigh problem for generalised Newtonian fluids ni13042.pdf
F Gay-Balmaz; DD Holm; TS Ratiu Integrable G-Strands on semisimple Lie groups ni13036.pdf
AM Rubio; K Julien; E Knobloch; JB Weiss Upscale energy transfer in three-dimensional rapidly rotating turbulent convection ni13035.pdf
F Gay-Balmaz; TS Ratiu; C Tronci Equivalent theories of liquid crystal dynamics ni13034.pdf
HO Jacobs; TS Ratiu; M Desbrun On the coupling between an ideal fluid and immersed particles ni13024.pdf
U Thiele; DV Todorova; H Lopez Gradient dynamics description for films of mixtures and suspensions - the case of dewetting triggered by coupled film height and concentration fluctuations ni13032.pdf
U Thiele Patterned deposition at moving contact lines ni13031.pdf
D Tseluiko; M Galvagno; U Thiele Heteroclinic snaking near a heteroclinic chain in dragged meniscus problems ni13030.pdf
C Paterson; SK Wilson; BR Duffy Strongly coupled interaction between a ridge of fluid and an external airflow ni13028.pdf
C Beaume; H-C Kao; E Knobloch; A Bergeon Localized rotating convection with no-slip boundary conditions ni13020.pdf
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