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Dynamics of active suspensions, gels, cells and tissues

24th June 2013 to 28th June 2013

Organisers: Karsten Kruse (Saarbrücken), Len Pismen (Technion) and Alexander Leshansky (Technion)

Workshop Theme


The workshop will cover recent experimental and theoretical developments in the field of active soft matter, including both biological and biomimetic applications, and ranging from self-propelled particles to active elastomers. The talks and discussions will elucidate unique features of complex dynamic phenomena in these media. This workshop will bring together experts in all the above fields, to compare and contrast the various them, to discuss topical and future problems and methods of their solution, and to explore possible applications.

Some sessions will be held jointly with the concurrent workshop on Liquid crystal defects and their geometry, active and solid liquid crystals, and related systems.

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