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Post-grad ASI in Mathematical and Physical Sciences: Modelling, Numerical Analysis and Applications

13th July 2015 to 24th July 2015

Organisers: Bernd Hoffmann (Juelich)Dagmar Iber (ETHZ), Hans Othmer (Minnesota) and  Reinhard Windoffer (Aachen)

Workshop Theme

Cellular migration depicts one of the most vital processes for complex life formation and is a major origin for devastating diseases upon malfunction. While hundreds of different migratory relevant molecules have been identified over the past decades, underlying mechanisms for cell migration including cell morphology and protein complex formation are only insufficiently understood and rarely rendered into mathematical models using theoretical as well as numerical methods. In order to accomplish these important scientific needs we will develop new 2D and 3D mathematical models for cell migration driven by experimental observations. At the same time, theoretical predictions can result in the development of completely new theories allowing new experimental approaches as well as hypothetical testing and validation in experimental laboratories.

In order to achieve some of these goals, this two-week workshop aims to bring together internationally renowned mathematicians, theoretical and experimental physicists as well as biologists to deliver topical and in-depth cross-interdisciplinary lectures fundamental to understanding of underlying the spatiotemporal processes associated with cell migration and pattern formation as well as the potential of modelling-based approaches. Keynote speakers will include world-leading experts in modeling and numerical methods and the most relevant aspects in cell migration and pattern formation from diverse areas such as mathematics, theoretical and experimental physics, and biology. All aspects will be presented by theoreticians and experimentalists and will facilitate deep discussions among participants in order to evolve and develop key research questions solvable through modeling and simulations in a joint effort. Research groups will be developed to tackle specific research questions designed and presented through the lectures and seminars and these will form the basis for short-, medium- and long-term research collaborations during the 6 month period. The workshop will take place at the Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK.

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