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Tutorials on statistical challenges for genome resequencing data.

13th July 2010

Organisers: Professor D Balding (UCL), Professor C Holmes (Oxford), Professor G McVean (Oxford) and Professor M Stephens (Chicago)

Tutorials on statistical challenges for genome resequencing data

This tutorial session precedes a research workshop on genome resequencing starting in the afternoon at the Isaac Newton Institute. The tutorial session is self-contained and open to all, including individuals not registered for the research workshop. The aim of the tutorial session is to provide an introduction to resequencing data, some experimental techniques that exploit new sequencing technologies, and statistical and computational issues in interpreting the data. It is intended principally for those new to the field at the PhD or early RA level, some familiarity with genetics and genomics will be helpful. No advance registration is required and there is no charge to attend.

Please note that the Tutorial Sessions are seperate from the main Workshop and will take place at The Centre for Mathematical Sciences (CMS), adjacent to the Isaac Newton Institute.

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