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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers and how to acknowledge INI.

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Authors Title Attachments
G Grimmett; S Winkler Negative correlation of edge events on uniform spanning forests PDF icon ni03040.pdf
G Grimmett; S Janson On smallest triangles PDF icon ni03039.pdf
G Grimmett The random-cluster model PDF icon ni03038.pdf
B Bollobás; GR Brightwell; et al How many graphs are unions of ${\it k}$-cliques? PDF icon ni03009.pdf
M Jerrum; JB Son; P Tetali; et al Elementary bounds on Poincaré and log-Sobolev constants for decomposable Markov chains PDF icon ni03006.pdf
GR Brightwell; p Winkler A second threshold for the hard-core model on a Bethe lattice PDF icon ni03002.pdf
N Fountoulakis On the structure of the core of sparse random graphs PDF icon ni02059.pdf
A Járai Invasion percolation and the incipient infinite cluster in 3D PDF icon ni02057.pdf
L Lovásv; S Vempala Hit-and-run is fast and fun PDF icon ni02056.pdf
L Lovásv; S Vempala The geometry of logoncave functions and an ${\it 0*(n^3)}$ sampling algorithm PDF icon ni02055.pdf
W Fernandez de la Vega; M Karpinski 9/8-Approximation Algorithm for Random MAX-3SAT PDF icon ni02053.pdf
M Karpinski On approximability of minimum bisection problem PDF icon ni02047.pdf
W Fernandez de la Vega; M Karpinski; C Kenyon; et al Approximation schemes for clustering problems in finite metrics and high dimensional spaces PDF icon ni02046.pdf
D Stark The vertex degree distribution of random intersection graphs PDF icon ni02045.pdf
J Van den Heuvel; L Stougie A quadratic bound on the diameter of the transportation polytope PDF icon ni02044.pdf
LA Goldberg; R Martin; M Paterson Random Sampling of 3-colourings in $\mathbb{Z}^2$ PDF icon ni02043.pdf
W Fernandez de la Vega; M Karpinski; C Kenyon Polynomial time approximation schemes for metric MIN-BISECTION PDF icon ni02042.pdf
C Greenhill; A Ruciński; NC Wormald Random hypergraph processes with degree restrictions PDF icon ni02040.pdf
S Janson; K Oleszkiewicz; A Ruciński Upper tails for subgraph counts in random graphs PDF icon ni02035.pdf
L Stougie A polynomial bound on the diameter of the transportation polytope PDF icon ni02033.pdf
S Janson Large deviations for sums of partly dependent random variables PDF icon ni02024.pdf
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