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Participants (CMPW01)

Note: This list may not include "Computation, Combinatorics and Probability" programme participants whose visits coincide with the workshop.

E.g., 2018-04-24
E.g., 2018-04-24
Name Home Institution Visit Dates
Hansjoerg Albrecher  [Graz University] 4 August to 17 August
Andreas Albrecht  [University of Hertfordshire Hatfield] 5 August to 16 August
Cyril Banderier [MPI, Saarbrücken] 4 August to 17 August
Alexander Barvinok  University of Michigan 5 August to 9 August
Stephen Baumert University of Michigan 5 August to 16 August
Mihalis Beis University of Liverpool 4 August to 17 August
Petra Berenbrink  Simon Fraser University 4 August to 17 August
Vittorio Biló [Universitá di L'Aquila] 4 August to 17 August
Bela Bollobás  University of Memphis 5 August to 16 August
Graham Brightwell  [LSE] 4 August to 17 August
Maurice Cochand [ETH-Zentrum] 4 August to 16 August
Colin Cooper  [Goldsmiths College] 4 August to 16 August
Mary Cryan University of Leeds 4 August to 17 August
Artur Czumaj  [New Jersey Insitute of Technology] 5 August to 17 August
Martin Dyer  University of Leeds 5 August to 16 August
Jim Fill  Johns Hopkins University 12 August to 16 August
Alan Frieze  Carnegie Mellon University 6 August to 16 August
Richard Gibbens  University of Cambridge 5 August to 16 August
Leslie Goldberg University of Warwick 5 August to 16 August
Christina Goldschmidt  University of Cambridge 5 August to 16 August
Catherine Greenhill University of Melbourne 4 August to 17 August
Geoffrey Grimmett  [Cambridge] 5 August to 16 August
Jennie Hansen  Heriot-Watt University 5 August to 16 August
Ostap Hryniv  University of Cambridge 5 August to 16 August
Alice Hubenko University of Memphis 4 August to 15 August
Svante Janson  [Uppsala University] 5 August to 16 August
Mark Jerrum  University of Edinburgh 5 August to 16 August
Ravindran Kannan  Yale University 5 August to 16 August
Michal Karonski  Adam Mickiewicz University 5 August to 16 August
Marek Karpinski  University of Bonn 7 August to 16 August
Jeong Han Kim Microsoft Research 5 August to 16 August
Imre Leader  [DPMMS CMS] 5 August to 16 August
Malwina Luczak  University of Cambridge 5 August to 16 August
Michael Mahoney Yale University 4 August to 17 August
Russell Martin University of Warwick 4 August to 17 August
Maximillian Murphy  [St Andrews] 4 August to 17 August
Steven Noble  Brunel University 4 August to 14 August
Boris Pittel  Ohio State University 5 August to 16 August
Dana Randall  Georgia Institute of Technology 5 August to 16 August
Andrzej Rucinski  [UAM] 5 August to 16 August
Alexander David Scott  University of Oxford 5 August to 16 August
Alistair Sinclair  [University of California Berkeley] 7 August to 16 August
Clifford Smyth [Institute for Advanced Study] 3 August to 17 August
Alan Sokal  New York University 4 August to 16 August
Jung-Bae Son University of Edinburgh 4 August to 17 August
Gregory Sorkin  [IBM] 5 August to 16 August
Presad Tetali  Georgia Institute of Technology 5 August to 16 August
Andrew Thomason  University of Cambridge 5 August to 16 August
Eric Vigoda University of Chicago 5 August to 16 August
Peter Winkler  [Bell Labs]; [Bell Laboratories] 5 August to 16 August
Michele Zito  University of Liverpool 4 August to 16 August
University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute London Mathematical Society NM Rothschild and Sons