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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers and how to acknowledge INI.

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Authors Title Attachments
C Schwab Existence of global weak solutions for some polymeric flow models PDF icon ni04024.pdf
B Guo Approximation theory for the ${\it p}$-version of the finite element method in three dimensions in the framework of the Jacobi-weighted Besov spaces PDF icon ni04010.pdf
D Praetorius Effective stimulation of a macroscopic model for stationary micromagnetics PDF icon ni03070.pdf
W Dörfler; M Ainsworth Reliable a posteriori error control for non-conforming finite element approximation of Stokes flow PDF icon ni03062.pdf
G Dziuk; CM Elliott Fully discrete semi-implicit second order splitting for anisotropic surface diffusion of graphs PDF icon ni03059.pdf
G Ji Sharp $\it L^1$ a posteriori error analysis for nonlinear convection diffusion problems PDF icon ni03058.pdf
GR Richter A discontinuous Galerkin method for linear symmetric hyperbolic systems in inhomogeneous media PDF icon ni03055.pdf
L Prigozhin AC losses in type-II superconductors induced by non-uniform fluctuations of external magnetic field PDF icon ni03053.pdf
JM Melenk ${\it HP}$-interpolation of non-smooth functions PDF icon ni03050.pdf
S Langdon A wavenumber independent boundary element method for an acoustic scattering problem PDF icon ni03049.pdf
R Rodríguez Finite element methods in local active control of sound PDF icon ni03048.pdf
BD Bonner The computation of conical diffraction coefficients in high-frequency acoustic wave scattering PDF icon ni03047.pdf
CM Elliott; B Gawron; S Maier-Paape Discrete dynamics for convex and non-convex smoothing functionals in PDE based image restoration PDF icon ni03044.pdf
M Ainsworth Dispersive and dissipative behaviour of high order discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods PDF icon ni03043.pdf
CM Elliott; D Kay; V Styles Finite element analysis of a current density - electric field formulation of Bean's model for superconductivity PDF icon ni03042.pdf
RH Nochetto A posteriori error analysis for the mean curvature flow of graphs PDF icon ni03041.pdf
JY Yuan Semidiscrete finite element Galerkin approximations to the equations of motion arising in the Oldroyd model PDF icon ni03036.pdf
B Guo Best approximation for the p-version of the finite element method in three dimensions in the framework of the Jacobi-weighted Besov spaces PDF icon ni03035.pdf
CM Elliott Uniqueness and error analysis for Hamilton-Jacobi equations with discontinuities PDF icon ni03034.pdf
B Guo The optimal convergence of the ${\it h-p}$ version of the boundary element method with quasiuniform meshes for elliptic problems on polygonal domains PDF icon ni03030.pdf
J Sun An eddy current and micromagnetism model with applications to disk write heads PDF icon ni03029.pdf
JY Yuan On linearized backward Euler method for the equations of motion arising in the Oldroyd fluids of order one. PDF icon ni03028.pdf
K Mikula Computational solution, applications and analysis of some geometrical nonlinear diffusion equations PDF icon ni03027.pdf
K Eriksson; A Logg On explicit time-stepping for stiff odes PDF icon ni03023.pdf
M Costabel; S Nicaise Singularities of eddy current problems PDF icon ni03019.pdf
A Russo On the choice of a stabilizing subgrid for convection-diffusion problems PDF icon ni03017.pdf
D Boffi; L Gastaldi Stability and geometric conservation laws for ALE formulations PDF icon ni03016.pdf
C Schwab Numerical solution of parabolic equations in high dimensions PDF icon ni03013.pdf
R Lazarov; S Tomov Explicit and averaging a posteriori error estimates for adaptive finite volume methods PDF icon ni03010.pdf
M Ainsworth Robust a posteriori error estimation for non-conforming finite element approximation PDF icon ni03008.pdf
M Ainsworth Discrete dispersion relation for ${\it hp}$-version finite element approximation at high wave number PDF icon ni03005.pdf
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