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Workshops and Other Events

Code Title Dates
CPDW01 Mathematical Challenges in Scientific and Engineering Computation Workshop 20th January 2003 to 24th January 2003
CPDW02 Computational Electromagnetism Workshop 13th February 2003 to 14th February 2003
CPDW08 Computational PDEs: Giving Industry the Edge A Joint Workshop of the INI and SI Workshop 4th March 2003 to 5th March 2003
CPDW03 Multiscale Modelling, Multiresolution and Adaptivity Workshop 6th April 2003 to 12th April 2003
CPDW04 INTERPHASE 2003 Numerical Methods for Free Boundary Problems Workshop 13th April 2003 to 18th April 2003
CPDW05 The First European Finite Element Fair Workshop 8th May 2003 to 9th May 2003
CPDW06 Partial Differential Equations and Computational Material Science and Solid Mechanics Workshop 13th May 2003 to 14th May 2003
CPDW07 Mathematics of Finite Elements and Applications Satellite 21st June 2003 to 24th June 2003
CPDW09 INI/WIMCS Joint Follow-up on Computational Challenges in PDEs Satellite 4th April 2011 to 8th April 2011
University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
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