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Mathematical Challenges in Scientific and Engineering Computation

20th January 2003 to 24th January 2003

Organisers: Mark Ainsworth (University of Strathclyde), Charles M. Elliott (University of Sussex), Endre Süli (Oxford University)

Scietific Advisors: John W. Barrett (Imperial College, London), Franco Brezzi (University of Pavia, Italy), Ricardo Nochetto (University of Maryland, USA), Rolf Rannacher (University of Heidelberg, Germany), Nigel Weatherill (University of Wales at Swansea), John R. Whiteman (Brunel University, London)

Supported by the Engineeering and Physical Sciences Research Council of Great Britain

Conference Theme

The conference aims to identify major application areas in science and engineering where developments in computational PDEs are needed and will have a significant impact. The format of the meeting is designed to promote extensive and wide-ranging discussion on the role of computational partial differential equations in science and engineering, and includes a one-day session devoted to the EPSRC managed programme on Computational Engineering Mathematics.

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