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Computational Electromagnetism

13th February 2003 to 14th February 2003

Organisers: Mark Ainsworth (University of Strathclyde), Charles M. Elliott (University of Sussex) and Peter B. Monk (University of Delaware)

Supported by Hewlett-Packard

Meeting Theme

The meeting addresses two significant themes: MICROMAGNETICS and SUPERCONDUCTIVITY. The aim is to identify the major applications in each area where progress in computational techniques for partial differential equations is needed and will have a significant impact. Leading experts, including physicists, engineers, numerical analysts and theoretical PDE analysts will deliver survey lectures on their area of expertise. The speakers have been selected with the aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of the field, with particular emphasis on the interactions between theory, applications and practice.
The meeting will comprise of two one-day programmes corresponding to the themes of micromagnetics and superconductivity. Each day will consist of a survey talk by a scientist involved in the modelling of the phenomena, a survey talk by an engineer involved in practical applications and an overview of known theoretical properties of the solutions of relevant models. These will be followed by more specialised talks on the development and analysis of state-of-the-art algorithms for their numerical approximation.

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