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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers.

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Authors Title Attachments
G Haggard; DJ Pearce; G Royle Computing Tutte polynomials ni09024.pdf
GE Farr Transforms and minors for binary functions ni09015.pdf
JW Essam; FY Wu The exact evaluation of the corner-to-corner resistance of an $M ×N$ resistor network: asymptotic expansion ni09014.pdf
B Bollobás; S Janson; O Riordan Sparse random graphs with clustering ni08030.pdf
PJ Cameron Oligomorphic permutation groups ni08029.pdf
PJ Cameron; D Johannsen; T Prellberg; P Schweitzer Counting defective parking functions ni08028.pdf
B Jackson Counting 2-connected deletion-minors of binary matroids ni08027.pdf
T Gateva-Ivanova; S Majid Quantum spaces associated to multipermutation solutions of level 2 ni08026.pdf
ØJ Rødseth; JA Sellers; H Tverberg Enumeration of the degree sequences of non-separable graphs and connected graphs ni08025.pdf
B Jackson; A Sokal Zero-free regions for multivariate Tutte polynomials (alias Potts-model partition functions) of graphs and models ni08024.pdf
J Cibulka; J Hladký; MA Lacroix; DG Wagner A combinatorial proof of Rayleigh monotonicity for graphs ni08015.pdf
DG Wagner Weighted enumeration of spanning subgraphs with degree constraints ni08013.pdf
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