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Combinatorics and Statistical Mechanics - An Introductory Cross-Disciplinary Symposium

14th January 2008 to 18th January 2008

Organiser: Professor Dave Wagner (University of Waterloo)

Workshop Theme

In this week we aim to provide introductions to several of the different areas of research that overlap in the scope of this programme. We are, each of us, specialists in some areas and non-specialists in others. Thus, as an aid to communication the emphasis this week will be on exposing the fundamental concepts, techniques, results, open problems, and intellectual cultures underlying various points of view on the current research topics to be discussed as the programme proceeds.

We are planning series of two or three introductory lectures on each of the following topics. Additional lectures on more specialized topics might also be scheduled, depending on the interests of the available speakers.

  • Graphs and Matroids (Bill Jackson, QMUL and Geoff Whittle, VUW)
  • Conformal Field Theory (Jesper Jacobsen, U. Paris-Sud)
  • Probabilistic Methods (Svante Janson, Uppsala U.)
  • Algorithms and Complexity (Mark Jerrum, QMUL)
  • Phase Transitions and Cluster Expansions (Roman Kotecky, Charles U./U. Warwick)
  • Statistical Mechanics (Alan Sokal, NYU/UCL)
  • Combinatorial Enumeration (Dave Wagner, U. Waterloo)
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