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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers and how to acknowledge INI.

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Authors Title Attachments
JCB Papaloizou; C Terquem Critical protoplanetary core masses in protoplanetary disks and the formation of short-period giant planets PDF icon ni99003.pdf
U Torkelsson; GI Ogilvie; A Brandenburg; et al The response of a turbulent accretion disc to an imposed epicyclic shearing motion PDF icon ni99016.pdf
C Terquem; J Eislöffel; JCB Papaloizou; et al Precession of collimated outflows from young stellar objects PDF icon ni99001.pdf
C Terquem The response of accretion disks to bending waves: angular momentum transport and resonances PDF icon ni98029.pdf
JA Sellwood; EM Moore On the formation of disk galaxies and massive central objects PDF icon ni98023.pdf
EC Ostriker; CF Gammie; JM Stone Kinetic and structural evolution of self-gravitating, magnetized clouds: 2.5-dimensional simulations of decaying turbulence PDF icon ni98022.pdf
CF Gammie Photon bubbles in accretion disks PDF icon ni98021.pdf
CF Gammie; R Narayan; R Blandford What is the accretion rate in NGC 4258? PDF icon ni98020.pdf
R Popham; CF Gammie Advection dominated accretion flows in the Kerr metric: II. Steady state global solutions PDF icon ni98019.pdf
JA Sellwood; SA Balbus Differential rotation and turbulence in extended H I disks PDF icon ni98014.pdf
GI Ogilvie; SH Lubow The effect of an isothermal atmosphere on the propagation of three-dimensional waves in a thermally stratified accretion disk PDF icon ni98013.pdf
JA Sellwood; RW Nelson; S Tremaine Resonant thickening of disks by small satellite galaxies PDF icon ni98012.pdf
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