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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers.

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Authors Title Attachments
W Li; DKJ Lin A note on foldover of 2$^k$$^-$$^p$ designs with column permutations PDF icon ni15023.pdf
A Kobilinsky; H Monod; RA Bailey Automatic generation of generalised regular factorial designs PDF icon ni15007.pdf
K Filipiak; A Markiewicz On the optimality of circular block designs under a mixed interference model PDF icon ni14087.pdf
RA Bailey; PJ Cameron; K Filipiak; J Kunert; A Markiewicz On optimality and construction of circular repeated-measurements designs PDF icon ni14083.pdf
ER Leatherman; AM Dean; TJ Santner Designs for computer experiments that minimize the weighted integrated mean square prediction error PDF icon ni14016.pdf
E Leatherman; A Dean; T Santner Computer experiment designs via particle swarm optimization PDF icon ni14015.pdf
BPM Duarte; WK Wong A Semidefinite Programming based approach for finding Bayesian optimal designs for nonlinear models PDF icon ni13041.pdf
H-Q Li; M-L Tang; W-K Wong Confidence intervals for ratio of two Poisson rates using the method of variance estimates recovery PDF icon ni13040.pdf
R-B Chen; S-P Chang; W Wang; H-C Tung; WK Wong Optimal Minimax Designs via Particle Swarm Optimization Methods PDF icon ni13039.pdf
J Qiu; R-B Chen; W Wang; WK Wong Using animal instincts to design efficient biomedical studies PDF icon ni13038.pdf
W Wang; R-B Chen; C-C Huang; WK Wong Particle swarm optimization techniques for finding optimal mixture designs PDF icon ni13037.pdf
RA Bailey; P Druilhet Optimal cross-over designs for full interaction models PDF icon ni13018.pdf
P Goos; SG Gilmour Testing for Lack of Fit in Blocked and Split-Plot Response Surface Designs PDF icon ni13002.pdf
U Graßhoff; H Holling; R Schwabe Optimal design for count data with binary predictors in item response theory PDF icon ni12080.pdf
M Prus; R Schwabe Optimal designs for the prediction of individual effects in random coefficient regression PDF icon ni12076.pdf
H Großmann Automating the analysis of variance of orthogonal designs PDF icon ni12074.pdf
L Lee Ho; CA Vivacqua; AL Santos de Pinho Split-plot type designs for physical prototype testing PDF icon ni12024.pdf
RA Bailey; K Schiffl; RD Hilgers A note on robustness of D-optimal block designs for two-colour microarray experiments PDF icon ni12023.pdf
A Lane; P Yao; N Flournoy Information in a two-stage adaptive optimal design PDF icon ni12012.pdf
N Flournoy; LM Haines; WF Rosenberger A graphical method for comparing response-adaptive randomization procedures PDF icon ni12009.pdf
H Dette; C Kiss Optimal designs for rational regression models PDF icon ni12007.pdf
H Dette; J Kunert Optimal designs for the Michaelis Menten model with correlated observations PDF icon ni12006.pdf
CJ Brien; RA Bailey; TT Tran; J Boland Quasi-Latin designs and their use in glasshouse experiments PDF icon ni12005.pdf
PM van de Ven; DC Woods Optimal blocked minimum-support designs for non-linear models PDF icon ni12003.pdf
D Draguljić; DC Woods; AM Dean; SM Lewis; AE Vine Screening strategies in the presence of Interactions PDF icon ni12002.pdf
HY Wang; N Flournoy Inference on a new sigmoid regression model with unknown support and unbounded likelihood function PDF icon ni12001.pdf
C May; C Tommasi Model selection and parameter estimation in non-linear nested models: a sequential generalized DKL-optimum design PDF icon ni11066.pdf
VV Fedorov; N Flournoy; Y Wu; R Zhang Best intention designs in dose-finding studies PDF icon ni11065.pdf
RA Bailey; J Reiss Design and analysis of experiments testing for biodiversity effects in ecology PDF icon ni11064.pdf
J Svenson; T Santner; A Dean; H Moon Estimating sensitivity indices from computer simulator output PDF icon ni11063.pdf
JD Svenson; TJ Santner Multiobjective optimization of expensive black-box functions via expected maximin improvement PDF icon ni11062.pdf
H Moon; T Santner; A Dean Two-stage sensitivity-based group screening in computer experiments PDF icon ni11060.pdf
H Rabie; N Flournoy Optimal designs for contingent response models with application to toxicity-efficacy studies-a technical report PDF icon ni11059.pdf
M Riani; AC Atkinson; D Perrotta Calibrated very robust regression PDF icon ni11058.pdf
AC Atkinson; VV Fedorov; AM Herzberg; R Zhang Optimal experimental design for generalized regression models PDF icon ni11057.pdf
LM Haines; AE Clark The construction of optimal designs for dose-escalation studies PDF icon ni11056.pdf
SW Hyun; M Yang; N Flournoy A procedure for finding an improved upper bound on the number of optimal design points PDF icon ni11055.pdf
H Dette; VB Melas; P Shpilev T-optimal designs for discrimination between two polynomial models PDF icon ni11054.pdf
D Braess; H Dette Optimal discriminating designs for several competing regression models PDF icon ni11052.pdf
S Delvaux; H Dette Zeros and ratio asymptotics for matrix orthogonal polynomials PDF icon ni11051.pdf
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