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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers and how to acknowledge INI.

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Authors Title Attachments
S Delvaux; H Dette Zeros and ratio asymptotics for matrix orthogonal polynomials PDF icon ni11051.pdf
H Dette; A Pepelyshev; A Zhigljavsky Optimal design for linear models with correlated observations PDF icon ni11050.pdf
H Dette; M Hallin; T Kley; S Volgushev Of copulas, quantiles, ranks and spectra an $L_1$-approach to spectral analysis PDF icon ni11049.pdf
AC Atkinson; B Bogacka Optimum designs for the equality of parameters in enzyme inhibition kinetic models PDF icon ni11048.pdf
RA Bailey; PJ Cameron Using graphs to find the best block designs PDF icon ni11047.pdf
A Baldi Antognini; A Giovagnoli; M Zagoraiou Some recent developments in the design of adaptive clinical trials PDF icon ni11044.pdf
AC Atkinson; A Biswas; L Pronzato Covariate-balanced response-adaptive designs for clinical trials with continuous responses that target allocation proportions PDF icon ni11042.pdf
F Torti; D Perrotta; AC Atkinson; M Riani; et al Benchmark testing of algorithms for very robust regression PDF icon ni11033.pdf
K Mylona; P Goos Penalized generalized least squares for model selection under restricted randomization PDF icon ni11032.pdf
B Jones; P Goos An algorithm for finding D-efficient equivalent-estimation second-order split-plot designs PDF icon ni11024.pdf
D Draguljić; TJ Santner; AM Dean Non-collapsing space-filling designs for bounded non-rectangular regions PDF icon ni11061.pdf
H Dette; C Kiss; N Benda; F Bretz Optimal designs for dose finding studies with an active control PDF icon ni11053.pdf
Steven Gilmour; Peter Goos; Heiko Grossmann Pure Error REML for Analyzing Data from Split-Plot and Multi-Stratum Designs PDF icon ni11068.pdf
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