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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers.

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Authors Title Attachments
KJ Swanepoel Sets of unit vectors with small subset sums ni12090.pdf
G Ambrus; P Kevei; V Vígh The diminishing segment process ni11046.pdf
N Goyal; L Rademacher Lower bounds for the average and smoothed number of Pareto optima ni11040.pdf
E Mossel; K Oleszkiewicz; A Sen On reverse hypercontractivity ni11034.pdf
JL Xiang Li; B Szegedy On the logarithimic calculus and Sidorenko's conjecture ni11031.pdf
J Bennett; N Bez; S Gutiérrez Global nonlinear Brascamp-Lieb inequalities ni11030.pdf
J Bennett; N Bez; S Gutiérrez Transversal multilinear Radon-like transforms: local and global estimates ni11029.pdf
R Levy; G Schechtman Stabilizing isomorphisms from l_p (l_2) into L_p [0, 1] ni11028.pdf
G Schechtman Approximate Gaussian isoperimetry for $\it k$ sets ni11027.pdf
A Giannopoulos; G Paouris; B-H Vritsiou A remark on the slicing problem ni11021.pdf
F Barthe; C Bordenave Combinatorial optimization over two random point sets ni11018.pdf
G Gutin; A Yeo Hypercontractive inequality for pseudo-Boolean functions of bounded Fourier width ni11017.pdf
D Cordero-Erausquin; M Ledoux Hypercontractive measures, Talagrand's inequality, and influences ni11014.pdf
F Barthe; D Cordero-Erausquin Invariances in variance estimates ni11013.pdf
Y Ollivier; C Villani A curved Brunn-Minkowski inequality on the discrete hypercube or: What is the Ricci curvature of the discrete hypercube? ni11012.pdf
A Plagne Sums of dilates in groups of prime order ni11009.pdf
J Solymosi; T Tao An incidence theorem in higher dimensions ni11006.pdf
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