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Dynamics of Complex Fluids; 10 Years On

2nd October 2006 to 5th October 2006

Organisers: Tom McLeish (Leeds), Anthony Pearson (Schlumberger Cambridge Research) and Ken Walters (Wales)


The 1996 INIMS programme "Dynamics of Complex Fluids" was a pivotal point for Soft Matter Physics and Applied Mathematics in many ways. At the microstructural level, it brought together theoreticians previously focussed on colloids, polymers or surfactants, and provided a forum for the pooling of methods and for a survey of the common ground. In the field of Non-Newtonian flow, it created a meeting point for the molecular and macroscopic approaches. Computational methods for bulk flows started to adapt seriously to microstructural constitutive models. Now-standard models for dynamics of branched polymers were among the results. Early work on the theory of granular media and biological macromolecular dynamics began in the context of the DCF programme.

Ten years on it is time both to assess the long-term inpact of DCF and to look ahead once more and generate the next mathematical challenges in complex fluids. This week will bring together people whose research programmes were affected by the DCF programme: either because they were there themselves, or because the results have determined or shaped their own research. Like DCF, it will be forward-looking and innovative, devoting at least half of the time to unstructured discussion.

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