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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers and how to acknowledge INI.

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Authors Title Attachments
P Kassotakis; M Nieszporski On the non-multiaffine consistent around the cube lattice equations PDF icon ni11010.pdf
JJ Duistermaat; N Joshi Okamoto's space for the first Painlevé equation in Boutroux coordinates PDF icon ni10031.pdf
PH van der Kamp Growth of degrees of integrable mappings PDF icon ni09073.pdf
J Atkinson; F Nijhoff A constructive approach to the soliton solutions of integrable quadrilateral lattice equations PDF icon ni09072.pdf
F Nijhoff; J Atkinson Elliptic solutions of ABS lattice equations PDF icon ni09071.pdf
P Kassotakis; N Joshi Integrable non-QRT mappings of the plane PDF icon ni09070.pdf
PE Spicer; FW Nijhoff Semi-classical Laguerre polynomials and a third order discrete integrable equation PDF icon ni09069.pdf
N Joshi; PE Spicer Direct "delay" reductions of the Toda hierarchy PDF icon ni09068.pdf
ANW Hone Analytic solutions and integrability for bilinear recurrences of order six PDF icon ni09063.pdf
K Maruno; K Kajiwara The discrete potential Boussinesq equation and its multisoliton solutions PDF icon ni09062.pdf
Y Ohyama Expansions on special solutions of the first $\it q$-Painlevé equation around the infinity PDF icon ni09061.pdf
B Grammaticos; RG Halburd; A Ramani; CM Viallet How to detect the integrability of discrete systems PDF icon ni09060.pdf
JM Rappoport Chebyshev polynomial approximations for some hypergeometric systems PDF icon ni09059.pdf
SB Lobb; FW Nijhoff; GRW Quispel Lagrangian multiform structure for the lattice KP system PDF icon ni09057.pdf
RG Halburd; RJ Korhonen Non-decreasing functions, exceptional sets and generalised Borel lemmas PDF icon ni09056.pdf
R Korhonen Difference Picard theorem for meromorphic functions of several variables PDF icon ni09055.pdf
J Hietarinta; D Zhang Multisoliton solutions to the lattice Boussinesq equation PDF icon ni09054.pdf
VG Papageorgiou; AG Tongas Yang$-$Baxter maps associated to elliptic curves PDF icon ni09053.pdf
BG Konopelchenko; G Ortenzi Coisotropic deformations of algebraic varieties and integrable systems PDF icon ni09052.pdf
PE Hydon; CM Viallet Asymmetric integrable quad-graph equations PDF icon ni09050.pdf
A Doliwa Desargues maps and the Hirota$-$Miwa equation PDF icon ni09049.pdf
P Grinevich; S Novikov Singular finite-gap operators and indefinite metric II$^3$ PDF icon ni09048.pdf
A Doliwa; M Nieszporski Darboux transformations for linear operators on two dimensional regular lattices PDF icon ni09047.pdf
R Halburd; R Korhonen; K Tohge Holomorphic curves with shift-invariant hyperplane preimages PDF icon ni09046.pdf
BF Feng; Y Ohta; K Maruno A self-adaptive mesh method for the Camassa$-$Holm equation PDF icon ni09045.pdf
ANW Hone On non-standard numerical integration methods for biological oscillators PDF icon ni09044.pdf
ANW Hone; MV Irle On the non-integrability of the Popowicz peakon system PDF icon ni09043.pdf
ANW Hone; M Senthilvelan Note on the Poisson structure of the damped oscillator PDF icon ni09042.pdf
ANW Hone; MV Irle; GW Thurura On the Neimark$-$Sacker bifurcation in a discrete predator-prey system PDF icon ni09041.pdf
ANW Hone; H Lundmark; J Szmigielski Explicit multipeakon solutions of Novikov's cubically nonlinear integrable Camassa$-$Holm type equation PDF icon ni09040.pdf
J Atkinson Linear quadrilateral lattice equations and multidimensional consistency PDF icon ni09035.pdf
ANW Hone; M Petrera Three-dimensional discrete systems of Hirota-Kimura type and deformed Lie-Poisson algebras PDF icon ni09034.pdf
F Calogero Integrability, analyticity, isochrony, equilibria, small oscillations and Diophantine relations PDF icon ni09033.pdf
S Lobb; F Nijhoff Lagrangian multiforms and multidimensional consistency PDF icon ni09032.pdf
P Grinevich; S Novikov Singular finite-gap operators and indefinite metric. I. PDF icon ni09030.pdf
PD Xenitidis; VG Papageorgiou Symmetries and integrability of discrete equations defined on a black-white lattice PDF icon ni09029.pdf
JJC Nimmo; SNM Ruijsenaars Tzitzeica solitons vs. relativistic Calogero-Moser 3-body clusters PDF icon ni09028.pdf
F Nijhoff; J Atkinson; J Hietarinta Soliton solutions for ABS lattice equations: I Cauchy matrix approach PDF icon ni09027.pdf
D Levi; RI Yamilov The generalised symmetry method for discrete equations PDF icon ni09026.pdf
D Levi; RI Yamilov On a nonlinear integrable difference equation on the square 3D-inconsistent PDF icon ni09025.pdf
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