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Algebraic Theory of Difference Equations

11th May 2009 to 15th May 2009

Organisers: Allan Fordy (Leeds), Alexander Mikhailov (Leeds), Frank Nijhoff (Leeds), Anand Pillay (Leeds)(Chair), Jean-Pierre Ramis (Toulouse)

Satellite Workshop in Leeds

The workshop will be dedicated to diverse aspects of the algebraic theory of difference equations. We expect to represent topics such as:

  • the Galois theory of difference and q-difference equations
  • isomonodromic deformation problems and Painlevè differenceequations
  • integrability of analytic difference equations
  • difference algebraic geometry
  • dynamics of rational maps
  • connections with the model theory of difference fields

In addition to lectures on research developments, we expect to have a few introductory lectures on some of the topics mentioned above.

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