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Participants (DQFW05)

Note: This list may not include "Developments in Quantitative Finance" programme participants whose visits coincide with the workshop.

E.g., 2018-04-20
E.g., 2018-04-20
Name Home Institution Visit Dates
Philippe Artzner  Université Louis Pasteur 18 March
Emilio Barucci Università di Pisa 18 March
Suleyman Basak    [London Business School & CEPR] 18 March
Dirk Becherer  Imperial College London 18 March
Mike Bennett  University of Warwick 18 March
Konan Beugre Imperial College London 18 March
Harjoat Bhamra    [The University of British Columbia] 18 March
Tomas Bjork    [Stockholm School of Economics] 18 March
Jean-Francois Bozzetto University of Southampton 18 March
Raymond Brummelhuis  [Brikbeck College] 18 March
Antonella Bucciaglia [Bank of Montreal] 18 March
Arduino Cagnetti Imperial College London 18 March
Andrew Cairns    Heriot-Watt University 18 March
Ales Cerny  Imperial College London 18 March
Sichong Chen  University of Manchester 18 March
Geon Ho Choe [Korean Advanced Inst of Science & Technology] 18 March
Johnny Chow Imperial College London 18 March
Mark Davis    Imperial College London 18 March
Ghassan Dibeh  Lebanese American University 18 March
Ludmila Dimtcheva  Imperial College London 18 March
Thomas Fawcett  Morgan Stanley 18 March
Hans Föllmer  [Humboldt Univ. zu Berlin] 18 March
Martin Forde University of Bristol 18 March
Peter Friz  University of Cambridge 18 March
Raquel Gaspar  [Stockholm School of Economics] 18 March
Niruvashnee Govender University of Cambridge 18 March
Zhenke Guan  University of Manchester 18 March
Vicky Henderson  Princeton University 18 March
James Herlihy  [Citadel Investment Group] 18 March
Daniel Hernandez-Hernandez  [CIMAT (Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas)] 18 March
David Hobson    University of Bath 18 March
Stewart Hodges  University of Warwick 18 March
Chris Hunter  [BNP Paribas] 18 March
Aytac Ilhan  University of Oxford 18 March
Mark Joshi RBS Group Risk Management 18 March
Yuri Kabanov Université de Franche-Comté 18 March
Jasvinder Kandola  Merrill Lynch 18 March
Stefan Kassberger  University of Pennsylvania 18 March
Jeroen Kerkhof [Lehman] 18 March
Wolfgang Kluge  [University of Freiburg] 18 March
Minal Lavingia [Trinity College] 18 March
Vasco Leemans University of Cambridge 18 March
Du Li University of Cambridge 18 March
Sebastien Lleo  Imperial College London 18 March
Rogemar Mamon    Brunel University 18 March
David Marks [ANZ Banking Group] 18 March
Michael Monoyios    Brunel University 18 March
Marek Musiela  [BNP Paribas] 18 March
Conall O'Sullivan  University College Dublin 18 March
Henry Pierre [Barlays Capital] 18 March
Chandra Poojari Brunel University 18 March
Tarun Ramadorai    Said Business School 18 March
Henrik Rasmussen University of Oxford 18 March
Chris Rogers  University of Cambridge 18 March
Alet Roux  University of Hull 18 March
Antoine Savine [BNP Paribas] 18 March
Yukun Shen Imperial College London 18 March
Ronnie Sircar    Princeton University 18 March
Alan Stacey [The Royal Bank of Scotland] 18 March
Simona Svoboda University of Oxford 18 March
Ming Tao  University of Oxford 18 March
Larissa Tischenko University of Cambridge 18 March
Raman Uppal  London Business School 18 March
Almut Veraart  University of Oxford 18 March
Luitgard Veraart University of Cambridge 18 March
Keyur J Vyas Loughborough University 18 March
Rory Wallace [Goldman Sachs] 18 March
Yihong Xia  [The University of Pennsylvania] 18 March
Yee Sook Yong University of Cambridge 18 March
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