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Ergodic theory of Zd-actions (Mathematical Institute of the Univ. of Warwick)

3rd April 2000 to 7th April 2000

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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Ergodic Theory, Geometric Rigidity and Number Theory

5 January to 7 July 2000

Organisers: A Katok (Penn State), G Margulis (Yale), M Pollicott (Manchester)

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences and Warwick MRC joint Workshop

Ergodic theory of Zd-actions

3-7 April 2000

(Please note: this Workshop will take place at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Warwick)


The Workshop. This workshop is part of a six-month programme at the Isaac Newton Institute. This programme deals with ergodic theory and its recent applications to problems in rigidity of group actions, and number theory. However, the venue for this meeting will be at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Warwick. This meeting will also review progress since the 1993-94 Symposium on the same theme and consolidate some of the more recent developments.

The Workshop Organisers. This meeting will be organised by M Pollicott (Manchester), K Schmidt (Vienna) and P Walters (Warwick).

Possible participants: J Aaronson; M Boyle; S Bullett; R Burton; Z Coelho; S Dani; M Dodson; A Eskin; R Feres; D Fisher; A Furman; H Furstenburg; E Glasner; I Goldsheid; Y Guivarc'h; S Friedland; D Heicklen; B Host; S Hurder; A Johnson; V Kaimanovich; B Kaminski; A Katok; M Keane; R Kenyon; Y Kifer; G Knieper; W Krieger; O Kozlovski; D Lind; B Marcus; D Ornstein; W Parry; M Kriganov; S van Strien; R MacKay; A Manning; R Nair; M Nicol; K Petersen; M Raghunathan; D Rand; D Rudolph; C Series; N Shah; G Soifer; J Steif; A Stepin; R Sharp; R Spatzier; J-P Thouvenot; S Tuncel; R Veech; A Vershik; T Ward; B Weiss; D Witte; R Zimmer.

Further information. This is available from WWW at More information can be obtained from Mrs Peta McAllister.

This meeting is supported by the EPSRC and the Isaac Newton Institute. Additionally, there is a limited amount of support available for USA participants (through the generous support of the NSF).

Other meetings. There will be other meetings associated with the programme:10-14 January 2000, Introductory lecture series; 27-31 March 2000, Rigidity in Dynamics and Geometry; 3-7 July 2000, Conference on Ergodic Theory, Riemannian Geometry and Number Theory.

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