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Ergodic Theory, Riemannian Geometry and Number Theory


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3rd July 2000 to 7th July 2000

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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Ergodic Theory, Geometric Rigidity and Number Theory

5 January to 7 July 2000

Organisers: A Katok (Penn State), G Margulis (Yale), M Pollicott (Manchester)

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK

A EuroConference & ESF Conference

(Probabilistic Methods in non-hyperbolic dynamics (PRODYN) Programme)

Ergodic Theory, Geometric Rigidity and Number Theory

3-7 July 2000



The Conference: This will be the concluding meeting of the six-month programme at the Isaac Newton Institute, covering a wide number of aspects of ergodic theory. The organisers are: A Katok (Penn State), G Margulis (Yale) and M Pollicott (Manchester).

The preceding two weeks (19-30 June) will be a period of heightened activity, with a number of both formal and informal talks.

Expected participants: M Babillot, Y Benoist, D Burago, M Burger, G Courtois, D Dolgopyat, G Everest, A Fathi, L Flaminio, J Franks, R Feres, D Fisher, H Furstenberg, A Furman, E Ghys, I Goldsheid, U Hamenstadt, S Hurder, A Iozzi, M Kanai, A Katok, S Katok, K Khanin, D Kleinbock, B Klinger, G Knieper, F Labourie, F Ledrappier, A Lubotzky, G Margulis, H Masur, S Mozes, A Nevo, M Nicol, H Oh, P Pansu, W Parry, Y Pesin, M Pollicott, M Rees, K Schmidt, Y Shalom, R Sharp, R Spatzier, A Starkov, Y Suhov, G Tomanov, S Velani, P Walters, T Ward, B Weiss, H Weiss, D Witte, R Zimmer

Location and Costs: The lectures will take place at the Newton Institute, Cambridge.

The EuroConference is supported by the European Community and funding is available to support some young researchers. It is intended for nationals of EC Member States and of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Israel, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland, who must all be under 35 years of age. There is a limited amount of support available, for USA participants (through the generous support from the NSF) and other EC residents (through the generous support of ESF and DGXII). Self-supporting participants of any age and nationality are welcome to apply.

Related meetings: There will be other meetings associated with the programme:

27-31 March 2000 EuroWorkshop on Rigidity in Dynamics and Geometry

3-7 April 2000 Workshop on Ergodic Theory and Higher Rank Actions (Joint workshop with Warwick.)

In addition, participants may be interested in the following meeting in Edinburgh:

10-14 July 2000 Dynamical Systems (ICMS, Edinburgh) -

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