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Participants (FMS)

E.g., 2018-06-25
E.g., 2018-06-25
Name Home Institution Visit Dates
Hassan Aref University of Illinois 11 August to 22 August
Mike Ashby  University of Cambridge 12 August to 13 August;
19 August
Rafi Blumenfeld    Imperial College London; University of Cambridge 29 July to 23 August
Geoffrey Bradley  30 July
Kenneth Brakke  Susquehanna University 29 July to 23 August
Chris Breward  [Oxford University] 11 August to 16 August
Eka Budiarto [Fraunhofer ITWM] 30 July
Mike Cates  University of Edinburgh 18 August to 23 August
Andrejs Cebers  [Latvia Academy of Sciences] 29 July to 23 August
Bill Clyne  University of Cambridge 29 July to 23 August
Simon Cox  Aberystwyth University 29 July to 23 August
Richard Charles Darton  University of Oxford 11 August to 16 August
Arthur Davies [University of Wales] 30 July
Renaud Delannay  [GMCM] 29 July to 9 August
Masao Doi [University of Nagoya] 18 August to 23 August
Douglas Durian  University of Pennsylvania 11 August to 16 August
Sam Edwards  University of Cambridge 19 August to 23 August
Norman Fleck  University of Cambridge 29 July to 12 August
Clara Eugenia Garza  [Ciudad Univesitaria] 29 July to 16 August
James Glazier University of Notre Dame 29 July to 10 August
Francois Graner [Universite Grenoble I] 29 July to 10 August
Paul Grassia  University of Manchester 29 July to 9 August;
11 August to 23 August
Thomas Green  30 July
Dmitri Grinev [Cambridge University] 30 July
Thomas Hales  University of Pittsburgh 29 July to 19 August
Oliver Harlen  University of Leeds 18 August to 23 August
Sascha Hilgenfeldt  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 29 July to 12 August
John Hinch  University of Cambridge 29 July to 23 August
Reinhard Höhler    Université Pierre & Marie Curie-Paris VI 18 August to 23 August
Stephen Hyde    Australian National University 29 July to 20 August
Stephan Koehler  Harvard University 12 August to 21 August
Andrew Kraynik  Sandia National Laboratories 29 July to 23 August
Rob Kusner University of Massachusetts 29 July to 23 August
Andrew Lacey  Heriot-Watt University 12 August to 13 August
Dov Levine  [Technion] 14 August to 23 August
Andrea Jo-wei Liu  [UCLA] 18 August to 23 August
Michael Loewenberg  Yale University 11 August to 16 August
Alan Mackay  University of London 29 July to 3 August
John Richard Melrose  18 August to 23 August
Michael Monastyrsky  ITEP (Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics) 30 July to 18 August
Frank Morgan    Williams College 5 August to 23 August
Stephen Neethling    Imperial College London 11 August to 19 August;
20 August to 24 August
John Ockendon  University of Oxford 12 August to 13 August
Christophe Oguey  Université de Cergy-Pontoise 29 July to 10 August
Pablo Padilla  [IIMAS UNAM] 29 July to 16 August
David Parker  [Edinburgh] 30 July
Chris Petrie  University of Newcastle upon Tyne 29 July to 23 August
John Rallison University of Cambridge 29 July to 23 August
Elie Raphael Collège de France 10 August to 17 August
Douglas Reinelt  Southern Methodist University 29 July to 17 August
Peter Richmond Trinity College Dublin 18 August to 23 August
Nick Rivier  University of Strasbourg 29 July to 23 August
Gudgrun Schliecker  [Max-Planck-Institut] 29 July to 23 August
Moshe Schwartz  Tel Aviv University 29 July to 23 August
Peter Sollich  King's College London 14 August to 23 August
Howard Stone  Harvard University 29 July to 16 August
John Sullivan  Technische Universität Berlin 29 July to 18 August
Kwokyip Szeto  [Hong Kong Uni of Science & Tech.] 29 July to 23 August
Jean Taylor    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 29 July to 3 August
Richard Templer, FRSC  [Imperial College] 19 August to 23 August
Eugene Terentjev University of Cambridge 29 July to 23 August
Peter Topping  University of Warwick 29 July to 31 July
Denis Weaire  Trinity College Dublin 29 July to 23 August
Andy Woods  [BP Institute] 29 July to 23 August
University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute London Mathematical Society NM Rothschild and Sons