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Surface Evolver Extravaganza

30th July 2002

Organisers: Dr A Kraynik (Sandia), Professor H Stone (Harvard), Professor E Terentjev (Cavendish Labs), Professor DL Weaire (Dublin).

Workshop Theme

Surface Evolver Extravaganza : a one-day meeting (11am to 5pm) devoted to the Surface Evolver, with a keynote presentation from its developer, Professor Ken Brakke.

The Surface Evolver is a software package that models the geometry of materials shaped by surface energies, from foams and membranes to crystal growth, from fluids to microelectronics. It was developed by the mathematician Ken Brakke, of Susquehanna University, and is freely available. Professor Brakke will give a keynote lecture on "Kelvin partitions and stability".

The uses of the Surface Evolver in Foams and Minimal Surfaces and other fields will be discussed.

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