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Foams and Minimal Surfaces - 12 years on


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24th February 2014 to 28th February 2014

Organisers: Simon Cox (Aberystwyth) and Denis Weaire (Trinity College Dublin).

Workshop Theme

Computational methods, 3D tomography, and high speed photography have given fresh impetus to the mathematics of minimal surfaces and its applications, and it remains a fertile area for collaborative research. In particular the theory of liquid foams, which has its roots in the work of Plateau in the 19th century, has greatly advanced since the original FMS programme in 2002.

We propose to take stock of how far research has moved since 2002, to bring open problems to a wider audience, and to explore ways in which they might be tackled by collaboration between pure mathematicians, applied mathematicians, theoretical physicists, and engineers.

Themes include:

  • The Surface Evolver and its applications
  • Tiling space, sphere packings and wet foams, and conformal geometry
  • Structure and dynamics of soap films and clusters of bubbles
  • How can physics and computer science help solve the Kelvin problem?
  • The effect of foam structure on dynamics and the effect of dynamics on structure

In the tradition of the Institute, the meeting will be highly informal and aimed at maximising lively interactions between participants during and outside the lecture/seminar sessions.

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