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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers and how to acknowledge INI.

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Authors Title Attachments
V Husain; J Louko; O Winkler Quantum gravity and the Coulomb potential PDF icon ni07053.pdf
J Louko Excited by a quantum field: Does shape matter? PDF icon ni06042.pdf
J Louko How often does the Unruh-DeWitt detector click? Regularisation by a spatial profile PDF icon ni06032.pdf
CJ Fewster Quantum energy inequalities and local covariance I: Globally hyperbolic spacetimes PDF icon ni06011.pdf
L Andersson Curvature estimates for stable marginally trapped surfaces PDF icon ni06006.pdf
SJ Szybka The Ernst equation and ergosurfaces PDF icon ni05081.pdf
R Bartnik A note on static metrics PDF icon ni05080.pdf
R Bartnik Spherically symmetric dynamical horizons PDF icon ni05079.pdf
M Wernig-Pichler On the motion of a compact elastic body PDF icon ni05078.pdf
C Uggla Dynamics of the spatially homogeneous Bianchi type I Einstein-Vlasov equations PDF icon ni05074.pdf
P Allen; L Andersson Timelike minimal submanifolds of general co-dimension in Minkowski spacetime PDF icon ni05072.pdf
T Chmaj; A Rostworowski On vacuum gravitational collapse in nine dimensions PDF icon ni05068.pdf
P Chrusciel On non-existence of static vacuum black holes with degenerate components of the event horizon PDF icon ni05066.pdf
M Bojowald; R Swiderski Spherically symmetric quantum geometry: Hamiltonian constraint PDF icon ni05065.pdf
M Bojowald Perturbative degrees of freedom in loop quantum gravity: anisotrophies PDF icon ni05064.pdf
PE Ehrlich The index form of a warped product PDF icon ni05061.pdf
L Lehner; SL Liebling AMR, stability and higher accuracy PDF icon ni05060.pdf
C Bona; L Lehner Geometrically motivated hyperbolic coordinate conditions for numerical relativity: Analysis, issues and implementations PDF icon ni05059.pdf
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