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Workshops and Other Events

Code Title Dates
GMRW01 New Directions in Numerical Relativity Satellite
18th August 2005 to 19th August 2005
GMRW02 Global General Relativity Workshop
22nd August 2005 to 26th August 2005
GMRW05 Black Holes Symposium Workshop
1st September 2005 to 2nd September 2005
GMRW06 Dynamical Systems Workshop 16th September 2005
GMRW07 Mathematical issues in AdS/CFT Workshop 3rd October 2005
GMRW08 Mathematical aspects of BTZ black holdes Workshop 12th October 2005
GMRW04 Einstein and Beyond: Spitalsfield day Workshop 7th November 2005
GMRW09 Inverse scattering and integrability Workshop
21st November 2005 to 27th November 2005
GMRW03 Einstein Constraint Equations Workshop
12th December 2005 to 16th December 2005
GMRW10 Global Problems in Mathematical Relativity II Workshop
9th October 2006 to 20th October 2006
University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute London Mathematical Society NM Rothschild and Sons