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Four-dimensional Geometry and Quantum Field Theory

4th November 1996 to 13th December 1996

Organisers: Michael Atiyah (Cambridge), Isadore Singer (MIT)

Programme Theme

Duality on Quantum Field Theory and Implications for Geometry

Provisional Programme (with key speakers):

  • Week 1 (4 - 10 Nov): 2-dimensional field theories and mirror symmetry
  • Week 2 (11 - 17 Nov): Duality on 4-dimensional gauge theories and in string theory (E Witten)
  • Weeks 3,4 (18 Nov - 1 Dec): Seiberg-Witten theory (C Taubes and P Kronheimer)
  • Weeks 5,6 (2 - 13 Dec): Monopole moduli spaces, string theory and p-branes

This division into topics is not meant to be rigid. It is only meant as a guide to prospective participants so that they can plan their visit around their centre of interest.


In addition to the organising and advisory committees the following have so far indicated their intention to attend for part of the programme:

P Aspinwall, R Dijkgraaf, M Douglas, M Duff, M Furuta, H Nakajima, J Jones, F Kirwan, D Kotschick, D Kutasov, G Moore, V Pidstrigach, E Rees, S Roan, D Salamon and R Stern.

Mathematicians and physicists in Cambridge who are expected to participate include:

G Gibbons, P Goddard, M Green, S Hawking, N Hitchin, N Manton, M Perry, G Segal, P Townsend and P Wilson.

Applications from those interested in participating, with an indication of possible preferred dates, are invited and should be sent to the Newton Institute. Limited financial assistance may be available Special efforts will be made to assist young mathematicians form the UK (including graduate students).

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