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Participants (GTF)

E.g., 2014-10-23
E.g., 2014-10-23
Name Home Institution Visit Dates
Hassan Aref 11 September to 22 September;
29 October to 9 November;
10 December to 16 December
Carlo Barenghi  [contact person by email] [University of Newcastle] 10 September to 21 September;
2 October to 16 November;
11 December to 14 December
Mitchell Berger  [contact person by email] University College London 4 September to 30 September;
11 November to 30 November
Amitava Bhattacharjee  [contact person by email] University of Iowa 19 October to 23 October
Philip Boyland  [contact person by email] University of Florida 7 September to 20 December
Yann Brenier  [contact person by email] [Universite Paris 6] 30 October to 11 November
Morton Brons  [contact person by email] Technical University of Denmark 29 October to 11 November
M Brown Université de Lausanne 11 October to 13 October
Gregory Buck  [contact person by email] 11 October to 14 October
Nuno Ricardo Catarino University of Warwick 20 November to 21 November
Steve Childress  [contact person by email] New York University 10 September to 24 September
Stephen John Cowley  [contact person by email] University of Cambridge 4 September to 22 December
Steven Cowley  [contact person by email] [Imperial] 3 October to 6 October;
17 October to 3 November
Darren Crowdy  [contact person by email] [Imperial College] 11 December to 15 December
Peter Davidson  [contact person by email] University of Cambridge 4 September to 22 December
Natalia Denisova  [contact person by email] Moscow State University 10 September to 23 September
Mark Dennis  [contact person by email] University of Bristol 12 October to 13 October
Philip Drazin 3 December to 8 December
David Dritschel  [contact person by email] University of St Andrews 15 October to 31 October;
3 December to 15 December
Peter Duck  [contact person by email] University of Manchester 3 December to 23 December
David Ebin  [contact person by email] [SUNY at Stony Brook] 14 November to 22 November
Mikhail Feigin 15 November to 16 November
Susan Friedlander University of Illinois 31 August to 28 September
Uriel Frisch  [contact person by email] 11 September to 23 September
Yasuhide Fukumoto  [contact person by email] Kyushu University 10 September to 23 September;
18 October to 16 December
Ana Rita Pires Gaio University of Warwick 21 November
Kai Germaschewski [Universität Düsseldorf] 20 October to 23 October
Robert Ghrist Georgia Institute of Technology 19 October to 15 November
John Gibbon  [contact person by email] [Imperial College] 20 October to 23 October;
22 November to 23 November
Andrew Gilbert  [contact person by email] University of Exeter 4 September to 22 December
John Greene General Atomics 15 October to 2 November
Mokhtar Hassaine 20 October to 23 October
Xinyu He  [contact person by email] University of Warwick 12 October to 13 October;
20 November to 23 November;
30 November to 3 December;
12 December to 21 December
Raymond Hide [Imperial College] 27 November to 30 November
Darryl Holm Los Alamos National Laboratory 4 November to 3 December
Makoto Iima  [contact person by email] Hokkaido University 8 September to 25 October
Tsutomu Kambe 6 September to 26 November
Louis Hirsch Kauffman  [contact person by email] University of Illinois 3 September to 31 October;
27 November to 10 December
TW Kephart  [contact person by email] [University of Warsaw] 31 October to 21 December
Robert Kerr University of Arizona 19 October to 24 October
Nino Khatiashvili  [contact person by email] Tbilisi State University 10 September to 23 September
Boris Khesin University of Toronto 14 September to 21 September;
8 November to 25 November
Arkady Kholodenko  [contact person by email] [Clemson University] 10 December to 22 December
Shigeo Kida  [contact person by email] [National Inst. for Fusion Science] 4 September to 16 September
Yoshi Kimura  [contact person by email] Nagoya University 15 October to 20 October
Isaac Klapper  [contact person by email] Montana State University 19 November to 25 November
Rob Kusner  [contact person by email] University of Massachusetts 10 October to 15 October
Evgenil Kuznetsov  [contact person by email] [Landau Institute] 20 October to 23 October
Remi Langevin  [contact person by email] 10 September to 14 September
Cunbiao Lee  [contact person by email] Tsinghua University 10 September to 23 September
Tomasz Lipniacki  [contact person by email] 16 November to 23 November
Peter Lynch  [contact person by email] Met Éireann 25 November to 28 November
John Maddocks [EPFL] 9 October to 13 October
Jerry Marsden [CALTECH] 21 November to 24 November
Muhammad McBeth  [contact person by email] 12 October to 13 October
Sean McDermott [Glasgow Caldedonian University] 12 October to 13 October
James Meiss  [contact person by email] University of Colorado 29 October to 4 November
Jonathan Mestel  [contact person by email] [Imperial College] 11 September to 22 December
Igor Mezic  [contact person by email] [UCA, Santa Barbara] 13 November to 10 December
Peter Michor  [contact person by email] Universität Wien 16 November to 24 November
Gerard Misiolek  [contact person by email] University of Notre Dame 11 September to 11 December
Ivailo Mladenov Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 10 September to 23 September
Michael Monastyrsky  [contact person by email] [Inst. of Theo. Phy. & Exp. Phy.] 11 September to 22 September
Tom Mullin  [contact person by email] [Manchester University] 14 December to 22 December
Andrey Muravnik  [contact person by email] 20 October to 24 October
Nikolaj Nawri 11 December to 15 December
Antti Niemi  [contact person by email] [Uppsala University] 11 October to 15 October
Jun O'Hara  [contact person by email] Tokyo Metropolitan University 12 October to 13 October
Martin Oberlack Technische Universität Darmstadt 3 December to 8 December
Hisashi Okamoto  [contact person by email] [RIMS] 20 October to 24 October
Ruben Pasmanter  [contact person by email] [KNMI] 15 September to 13 October
Richard Pelz Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 28 August to 21 December
Marco Pettini  [contact person by email] 18 November to 25 November
Sergei Pilyugin  [contact person by email] [St Petersburg State University] 11 September to 23 September
Rossella Prandi  [contact person by email] University College London 11 September to 12 September
Anonello Provenzale 7 December to 11 December
Antonio Ranada  [contact person by email] [Madrid] 11 October to 14 October
Diego Rapoport [Buenos Aires] 7 December to 19 December
Renzo Ricca  [contact person by email] [UCL] 4 September to 30 November;
1 December to 22 December
Vassilis Rothos [University of Loughborough] 18 September to 22 September
Alexander Ruzmaikin  [contact person by email] [Jet Propulsion Laboratory] 4 September to 1 October
Alexander Shnirelman [Tel-Aviv University] 3 September to 26 October
Dmitry Skryabin  [contact person by email] [Strathclyde] 21 October to 23 October
Edward Spiegel  [contact person by email] Columbia University 10 September to 23 December
De Witt Sumners  [contact person by email] Florida State University 11 October to 13 October
Katsuhiro Suzuki [Tokyo University] 26 November to 2 December
Tadashi Tokieda [UQAM] 17 November to 22 November;
10 December to 16 December
Yves Tourigny  [contact person by email] University of Bristol 18 December to 20 December
Grisha Vekstein  [contact person by email] [UMIST] 11 December to 16 December
Cornelia Vizman [West University of Timisoara] 19 November to 9 December
Vladimir Vladimirov [Hong Kong University] 5 September to 30 September
Claude Weber  [contact person by email] [Geneva] 10 September to 23 September
Art Winfree University of Arizona 9 October to 13 October
Shintaro Yoshizawa University of Tokyo 18 November to 10 December
Vladimir Zeitlin  [contact person by email] [University Paris 6] 18 September to 28 September;
19 November to 1 December
Tan Zhe-Min  [contact person by email] Nanjing University 10 September to 23 September
University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute The Leverhulme Trust London Mathematical Society Microsoft Research NM Rothschild and Sons