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Kinetic-scale turbulence in laboratory and space plasmas

19th July 2010 to 23rd July 2010

Organisers: Professor S Bale (California, Berkeley), Professor T Carter (California, Los Angeles), Professor B Dorland (Maryland), Professor S Nazarenko (Warwick) and Dr A Schekochihin (Oxford)

Workshop Theme

This workshop will focus on the fundamental processes in magnetised plasmas, laboratory, space and astrophysical, that lead to turbulent fluctuations on kinetic scales and to anomalous (turbulent) transport on macroscales. The current state of experimental and observational evidence will be examined with a particular emphasis on mapping out the plasma fluctuations at various scales. Basic physical concepts that underpin the interactions between scales and the energy flows in a kinetic magnetised plasma will be discussed. Progress in understanding plasma turbulence and transport will be reviewed and the key unsolved problems debated. The workshop is held at the beginning of a 4-week programme on gyrokinetics for laboratory and astrophysical plasmas --- a key objective will be to fix the empirical and conceptual framework for the more mathematical discussions and collaboration that will take place within the programme.

University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
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