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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers and how to acknowledge INI.

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Authors Title Attachments
B Lassen; RVN Melnik; M Willatzen Spurious solutions in the multiband effective mass theory applied to low dimensional nanostructures PDF icon ni09006.pdf
V Michel; AS Fokas A unified approach to various techniques for the non-uniqueness of the inverse gravimetric problem and wavelet-based methods PDF icon ni08020.pdf
SN Chandler-Wilde; M Lindner Limit operators, collective compactness, and the spectral theory of infinite matrices PDF icon ni08017.pdf
SN Chandler-Wilde; IG Graham Boundary integral methods in high frequency scattering PDF icon ni08014.pdf
S Langdon; M Mokgolele; SN Chandler-Wilde High frequency scattering by convex curvilinear polygons PDF icon ni08012.pdf
SN Chandler-Wilde; P Monk The PML for rough surface scattering PDF icon ni08010.pdf
CJ Gittelson; R Hiptmair; I Perugia Plane wave discontinuous Galerkin methods PDF icon ni07088.pdf
S Kamvissis; AS Fokas The focusing NLS equation on the half-line with periodic boundary conditions PDF icon ni07078.pdf
SN Chandler-Wilde; IG Graham; S Langdon; M Lindner Condition number estimates for combined potential boundary integral operators in acoustic scattering PDF icon ni07067.pdf
S Kamvissis From stationary phase to steepest descent PDF icon ni07066.pdf
SN Chandler-Wilde; M Lindner Sufficiency of Favard's condition for a class of band-dominated operators on the axis PDF icon ni07065.pdf
NO Babych; IV Kamotski; VP Smyshlyaev Homogenization of spectral problems in bounded domains with doubly high contrasts PDF icon ni07063.pdf
S Giani; IG Graham A convergent adaptive method for elliptic eigenvalue problems PDF icon ni07054.pdf
RI McLachlan; DRJ O'Neale Comparison of integrators for the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam problem PDF icon ni07052.pdf
D Cohen; B Owren; X Raynaud Multi-symplectic integration of the Camassa-Holm equation PDF icon ni07051.pdf
T Li; A Abdulle; W E Effectiveness of implicit methods for stiff stochastic differential equations PDF icon ni07050.pdf
A Abdulle; B Engquist Finite element heterogeneous multiscale methods with near optimal computational complexity PDF icon ni07049.pdf
G Ariel; B Engquist; R Tsai A multiscale method for highly oscillatory ordinary differential equations with resonance PDF icon ni07046.pdf
E Hairer; RI McLachlan; A Razakarivony Achieving Brouwer's law with implicit Runge-Kutta methods PDF icon ni07045.pdf
SN Chandler-Wilde; P Monk Wave-number-explicit bounds in time-harmonic scattering PDF icon ni07044.pdf
C Castro; F Palacios; E Zuazua An alternating descent method for the optimal control of the inviscid Burgers equation in the presence of shocks PDF icon ni07040.pdf
BN Ryland; RI McLachlan On multisymplecticity of partitioned Runge-Kutta methods PDF icon ni07037.pdf
IH Sloan Finite-order integration weights can be dangerous PDF icon ni07035.pdf
S Kamvissis; G Teschl Stability of the periodic Toda lattice under short range perturbations PDF icon ni07032.pdf
LI Ignat; E Zuazua Convergence of a two-grid algorithm for the control of the wave equation PDF icon ni07031.pdf
D Cohen; E Hairer; CH Lubich Conservation of energy, momentum and actions in numerical discretizations of nonlinear wave equations PDF icon ni07029.pdf
E Hairer; CH Lubich Spectral semi-discretisations of weakly nonlinear wave equations over long times PDF icon ni07026.pdf
S Ervedoza; E Zuazua Perfectly matched layers in 1-d : energy decay for continuous and semi-discrete waves PDF icon ni07024.pdf
R Hiptmair; P Meury Stabilized FEM-BEM coupling for Maxwell transmission problems PDF icon ni07012.pdf
D Cohen; E Hairer; CH Lubich Long-time analysis of nonlinearly perturbed wave equations via modulated Fourier expansions PDF icon ni07009.pdf
A Iserles; SP Norsett From high oscillation to rapid approximation III: Multivariate expansions PDF icon ni07005.pdf
V Dominguez; IG Graham; VP Smyshlyaev A hybrid numerical-asymptotic boundary integral method for high-frequency acoustic scattering PDF icon ni07004.pdf
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