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Inertial-Range Dynamics and Mixing

29th September 2008 to 3rd October 2008

Organisers: Professor Peter Davidson (Cambridge), Professor Yukio Kaneda (Nagoya) and Professor Katepalli Sreenivasan (ICTP)

Workshop Theme

Despite the long history of turbulence research, there still remain many fundamental unanswered questions. Many of these relate to Inertial-Range Dynamics and Mixing in turbulence. The proposed 5-day workshop will focus on the near-universal physics of such phenomena as observed in certain canonical turbulent flows at high Reynolds number. It will bring together researchers in the communities of theory, modelling, numerical simulations, laboratory experiments and field-observations, to discuss and exchange new ideas on various themes, including:

  • Intermittency, Scaling and Universality
  • Turbulent Diffusion (single- and two-particle) and Mixing
  • Lagrangian Dynamics and Statistics
  • Coarse Graining - Modelling
  • Reynolds Number and Scale Dependence
  • Anisotropy, Inhomogeneity and Nonstationarity
  • Superfluid Turbulence, MHD, 2-D Turbulence
  • Vortex Dynamics and Structure
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