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Model-Data Integration in Physical Systems

17th March 2014 to 18th March 2014

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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Model-Data Integration in Physical Systems

17 - 18 March 2014

Organisers: Andrew Stuart (Warwick) and Eric Vanden-Eijnden (Courant Institute)

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The workshop is concerned with the subject of blending observational data with complex models, primarily in the physical sciences, with the aim of making improved predictions. The increasing complexity of phenomena that scientists and engineers wish to model, together with our increased ability to gather, store, and interrogate data, mean that the subjects of applied mathematics and statistics are increasingly required to work in conjunction in order to significantly progress understanding.

Applications are far reaching and include the atmospheric sciences, geophysics, chemistry and signal processing. The workshop will bring together experts reflecting applied, computational, methodological and theoretical aspects of the subject area.

Participation is by invitation only.

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