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Inverse Problems in Analysis and Geometry

1st August 2011 to 5th August 2011

Organisers: Malcolm Brown (Cardiff), Hiroshi Isozaki (Tsukuba), Yaroslav Kurylev (UCL), Lassi Päivärinta (Chair of the Organising Committee) (Helsinki) and Gunther Uhlmann (Washington)

Workshop Theme

In the study of Inverse Problems one seeks a cause for an observed effect. Usually, by making measurements outside an object, one wants to obtain information from the object's interior. To do this one often probes the object with waves. The connection to mathematical analysis lies in the fact that the waves typically obey some partial differential equations and the connection to geometry is through the interpretation of anisotropic material parameters as metrics in Riemannian or other geometry.

Typical application areas that can be considered under one mathematical umbrella are medical imaging, remote sensing, geophysical prospecting, quantum scattering, astronomy, and process monitoring and control. In all these areas new mathematical methods have been developed in the past two decades.

The focus of this workshop is on presenting the most recent developments in the field of inverse problems. We shall assemble a number of leading researchers in analysis and geometry making it possible to discuss the present and future trends of these fields with links to modern inverse problems.

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