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Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering

12th December 2011 to 16th December 2011

Organisers: Malcolm Brown (Cardiff), Thanasis Fokas (Cambridge) and William Symes (Rice)

Workshop Theme

Inverse problems are estimation problems in physical sciences and engineering. A problem as simple as weighing with a spring scale poses an inverse problem, but in recent years the term has come to be associated with the estimation of fields or distributed parameters. Many imaging problems partake of the same nature. Such problems are of critical importance in earth sciences, biomedicine, materials science and mechanical engineering, and in many other subjects. These problems also give rise to many interesting and difficult mathematical and computational science questions, and provide an arena in which contemporary mathematics can interact directly with the critical needs of scientists and engineers.

This workshop will bring together applied mathematicians and scientists working in a number of disciplines in which inverse problems play a central role. Along a series of three overview lectures and several invited seminars per day, the programme provides ample time for discussion and for contributed talks by the participants. The workshop is designed as an opportunity for specialists in various inverse problem types to exchange information and ideas.

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